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All for Groomers

Winona,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 7570

All for Groomers was started with a simple mission, "to make grooming easier and pets safer" unlike other vendors in the field we start from suggestions and invent new products to solve old problems.  If it doesn't make the groomers life easier or the pet safer during the groom we let the other guys do it.

Brands: Groomer's Wall Trach Saver


  • Trach Saver
    The Trach Saver is designed to protect the trachea of large and small dogs and cats as well. It has been called a game changer by many of the leaders in our grooming industry and has proved invaluable for the old, senile and brachiocephalic dogs. ...

  • The Trach Saver by All for Groomers is changing the way we restrain the dogs and cats on our groom tables.  It goes over the shoulders like a backpack would go on a human so it doesn't touch the throat AT ALL.  We know how easy it is to inadvertantly cause injury to the sensitive trachea that so many of our breeds suffer. Taking it even further, it provides a safe and secure restraint for the old, blind and senile dogs and cats as well as the ones with breathing problems, vestibular disease and even those that are just squirmy.  The Trach Saver is a must for the many brachiocephalic breeds that come into our shops barely able to breath at all.  Almost as important, the Trach Saver has a calming affect on the pet being groomed, a leading veterenarian has explained that because the animal feels safer and not threatened by this non intrusive restraint that it very often causes an endorphin release by the pet that makes the whole groom to go smoother, safer and faster.  As if these wonderful and proven benefits are not enough, it can even be used on the hips of the dog to keep them standing, some dogs even let their bodies suspend in the Trach Saver like a hammock in the back yard, safe, secure and comfortable