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Wondurdog Dog Wash Kits are specilaized kits designed for shower, sink, bathtub, or outside. Kits include our patent dog washing brush with splash shield. Brush, massage, and wash simultaneously all while shielding water from sensitive areas and staying dry. On-off switch built in. Less stress, less mess, and ensures your dog is looking their best.

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  • Wondurdog Dog Wash Garden Hose Nozzle
    Our patented dog washing brush with splash shield turns your garden hose into a dog washing station. Brush, massage, wash and rinse your dog simultaneously. On / Off switch and water pressure control built in. All-metal connections; designed for outdoor....

  • Wondurdog Dog Wash Garden Hose Nozzle & Brush Attachment


    Great for Backyards, Camping Trips, RVs, and Anywhere You and Your Dog Go!


    • INNOVATIVE BRUSH DESIGN: The Wondurdog Dog Wash Garden Hose Brush features our patented rubber splash shield that keeps you dry as you wash your dog. Contain water by flipping the shield down. Keeping you dry and water away from your dogs eyes and ears. Get a deeper clean with the rubber brush teeth by flipping the shield up. The rubber brush creates a calming, familiar sensation for your dog, as if they are being brushed. Turn the water on and off with the flip of a switch.

    • WATER PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE: The Wondurdog Dog Wash Garden Hose Nozzle comes with an adjustable water pressure valve. Even outside, you can control how fast you want the water to come out! Controlling water pressure reduces anxiety and stress in bathing.

    • COMFORTING FOR YOUR DOG & CONVENIENT FOR YOU: Baths are a great time for you and your dog to bond. Our massaging brush will feel great on your dog as you clean that messy fur. Quickly rinse dirty paws and/or muddy undercarriage before moving inside. Whether a full bath is needed or a quick touch up after a walk or romp, enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable bath time!

    • EASY TO USE FOR ALL AGES: Ergonomic and simple to use, the Wondurdog Dog Wash Garden Hose Brush leaves you with an extra hand free, so you can soap up and comfort your pet while bathing them. Bathe, brush, rinse, start and stop water with one hand. 

    • HIGH QUALITY: The Wondurdog Dog Wash Garden Hose Nozzle & Brush features a metal connector for a sturdy and leak-free connection. (No plastic connectors here) It is durable and built for the outdoors.

    • GIVES BACK: Wondurdog donates 10% of the proceeds to The Pet Fund. Helping pets and pet parents who can't afford Veterinarian costs get the care they need. Get more information at