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Shed Defender

Irvine,  CA 
United States
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The Shed Defender is a versatile onesie contains pet hair, reduces anxiety, helps with skin conditions, alleviates allergies, covers hot spots, replaces the medical cone and more. Made from a premium, eco-friendly, breathable fabric, the veterinarian approved Shed Defender is a must see! We now carry a whole line of unique pet products!

Brands: Shed Defender Onesie, Shed Defense Shampoo & Sensitive Skin Shampoo, Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash, Mag-Snap Leash - Wearable Magnetic Leash, Soft Chew Supplements


  • Mag-Snap Leash
    Introducing the world's first wearable leash. Our patent pending magnet technology allows the leash to be safely stored around the dogs neck below the collar. always ready when you need it....

  • TheMag-Snap Leash is designed to provide a new level of convenience for dogwalkers. Instead of taking a leash on and off, the Mag-Snap Leash canbe kept on the dog when not in use by safely wrapping around the dog’sneck. The innovative leash sits beside the collar using our patentedmagnet design.

    Thefive-foot leash has two soft, padded handles for easy traffic controland attaches to any dog collar with a traditional bolt snap. Featuringthe same premium, durable materials as the highly regarded Bungee Leash,the innovation is within the patent-pending magnet design – there arefour magnet clips placed along the leash. Rather than unhooking ordisconnecting the leash from the dog’s collar when at the dog park ornot in use, the Mag-Snap Leash stays connected and safely wraps aroundthe dog’s neck and is firmly held in place by the magnets. The leash iscomfortably and neatly situated next to the collar, allowing the ownerto easily grab the handle and quickly unravel when needed.

    TheMag-Snap leash is perfect for situations when your dog can be off leashmost of the time, but you still want to have a leash readily available. The leash seamlessly integrates with any regular dog collar, so yourdog won’t even realize he’s wearing it. It’s safe, comfortable and vetapproved.

    Why a Mag-Snap Leash?

    • Always available when you need it - Great for walks, dog park, hiking, at the beach, etc.  
    • Never lose or forget your leash again – Always available when you need it, can be worn indefinitely.
    • Stay hands free when your dog doesn’t need a leash, no need to hold it when not in use.