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TrueBlue Pet Products

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3958

All-Natural Wellness Products, including Dental Wipes, Ear Wipes, and Eye Wipes.


  • TrueBlue Healing Hemp Hot Spot Cream with CBD Oil
    Soothing Cream for Hot Spots and other serious Skin Conditions...

  • We’re excited to launch the latest Wellness product in our line-up--- Healing Hemp Hot Spot Cream with Full Spectrum CBD oil.

    Hot Spots and other skin problems can have many causes....bug bites, food allergies, allergies to airborne substances. But regardless of the initial cause, the dog will typically react by licking, biting, and scratching the area which only makes things worse.

    CBD is known to have soothing and healing properties for the skin. In addition to CBD, we also use other great natural ingredients that soothe the skin like Raspberry Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, and Sunflower Lecithin.

    Once a dog gets a skin problem, they often will start licking the area frequently. Unfortunately, this often makes the problem worse. The licking keeps the area moist, which can exacerbate the problem and cause moist dermatitis. So we use a strong, but natural, bittering agent to stop or reduce the licking.