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WashBar is newly available to retailers in the US, and presents a unique range of solid bar soaps to promote pet skin health featuring Manuka and Kanuka oils to relieve everyday itching and leave pets smelling divine.  WashBar soaps are merchandised in a handy retail-ready display inner with attractive margins. Come & visit us for a chat! #6669

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  • WashBar
    WashBar presents a range of solid bar soaps and paw balm utilizing the healing power of Manuka and Kanuka oils for the benefit of our dog’s skin....

  • Easier for Your Customer| Better for Their Dog | Better for the Planet

    Founded in New Zealand in 2010, WashBar quickly grew to become the number 1 pioneering natural grooming brand in New Zealand.  The brand is produced in NZ sourcing many local NZ ingredients from curated suppliers, such as manuka and kanuka oils, beeswax and lavender, ultimately supporting small communities around the country. 

    Our specialty manuka and kanuka oils draw on the benefits and growing consumer knowledge of New Zealand Manuka Honey.  Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the oils assist with solving everyday itching, and are gentle enough to be used on even sensitive skin.  Antimicrobial claims are backed by scientific research.

    100% natural ingredients.  Paraben free. Alcohol free. Sulphate free. Vegan. Cruelty free. Tested on humans, not animals.

    Solid bars are easier to use to wash your dog than a liquid shampoo, allow for easy application across the entire body, and the lighter lather makes it easier to rinse, reducing the likelihood of soaps residue creating hotspots.


    • Environmentally friendly packaging – compostable kraft board unit boxes reduce single use plastic bottle use.  
    • To date, WashBar customers have saved over 1 million plastic bottles from the landfill by choosing WashBars.
    • Sustainable sourcing of key ingredients that allow for plant regeneration eg manuka & kanuka oils, copaiba oil.
      • Copaiba is sustainably sourced from the Amazon forest in Brazil, harvesting the oil by tapping the tree similar to maple syrup.  This is a very sustainable method of capturing the benefits of the oil without creating degrading precious forestry resources.
      • Manuka and Kanuka oils are steam distilled from harvested twigs and leaves of the tree.
    • Each 3.5oz bar delivers equivalent washing to 20 fl oz of liquid shampoo, with no plastic bottle waste.  And because WashBar doesn’t contain any added water, the bar lasts a long time.
    • Waterless formula reduces environmental impact from freight, and enables customers to use water that is already in their bathroom facilities.


    • Environmentally friendly cardboard display units are plastic free, and contain an explanatory benefits header card when set up.
    • Compact shelf footprint using the width of one bar to be 3.5 inches wide at shelf means the display unit is small enough to justify a second site in store for larger stores.
    • The soap unit boxes have a small cutout so consumers can smell the fragrance of the soap before purchase.  We find that once a consumer has picked it up, it ends up in their basket.

    Packaging Design and Aesthetic

    The WashBar packaging design reflects the company’s approach to the formulations.  Simple, pared back and honest.  No nasties, just the good stuff.  A pet parent picks up the vibe from the packaging, which is clean, natural and unfussy.

    The bar is curve shaped to make for easier use.  The underneath curve fits nicely against the curves of the animal’s skin and the upper curve allows the bar to fit easily in your hand to make for a more enjoyable washing experience for both dog and pet parent.

    Product Detail

    Original Soap for Dogs delivers a fantastic yet gentle everyday clean.

    Manuka WashBar is formulated with more Manuka and Kanuka oils to assist pets with skin that needs a little more help from their shampoo.

    • Manuka/kanuka oil skin benefits are backed by science
    • It’s easier to wash your dog with a solid bar than a liquid shampoo because you can have one hand on the animal at all times
    • Original is gentle on sensitive skin, and a stronger variety (Manuka WashBar) for animals that need a little more help from their shampoo
    • Using a bar to wash is easier to move lather around the animal, unlike liquid shampoo which gathers lather in one place
    • Using a bar makes it easy to access difficult to reach areas like the belly, groin and armpits.
    • 3.5oz = equivalent 20 fl oz of washing
    • Compostable cardboard unit box
    • Prevents one more single use plastic bottle from the landfill

    Quality of Life

    WashBar facilitates the love between a pet and their human.  A clean dog with healthy skin and paws is much more likely to be out enjoying adventures in the great outdoors with their human. Some dogs love to lick so the WashBar ingredients are non-toxic and safe for dogs.  Even if your dog eats the soap, they are unlikely to suffer nothing more than an upset tummy and no lasting ill effects.