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Company of Animals

Broomfield,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 6311

Founded in 1979 by Dr Roger Mugford, Company of Animals is a hub of research and innovation. With over 11 different brands including our award-winning Halti® training, iconic grooming brand Pet Head®, market leading Baskerville® muzzles and sound-based training aid Pet Corrector®.

Brands: With over 11 different brands including our award-winning Halti® training, iconic grooming brand Pet Head®, market leading Baskerville® muzzles and sound-based training aid Pet Corrector®.


  • Coachi Training Range
    Coachi, is the new, consumer friendly training range from the Company of Animals. Our experts have developed a range of training aids designed to bring training and play together....

  • Designed and created by Dr. Roger Mugford and experts at the Company of Animals, Coachi is the first training range to incorporate play to the category, introducing fun and innovation with attractive products designed for consumer and dog appeal. Focusing on and promoting humane and positive training, the new play range is designed to focus on the effectiveness of play-based training. 

    Featuring bright eye-catching designed recyclable packaging, this range is colour coded and has QR codes for easy customer navigation and multi-lingual languages for global reach. 

    Focusing on the 3 main areas of training: 

    Learn: Recall and Manners - Learning the basics of social behaviour through positive and rewarding experiences. 

    Play: Reward Toys - Engaging through play, to develop a positive relationship and happy moments.  

    Fun & Tricks: Clickers & Retrieval - Extra fun games to strengthen the bond and build the relationship further. 

  • Pet Head Grooming Range
    Pet Head launched its new and improved pet grooming ranges made with love by dog lovers, for dog lovers. All Pet Head products are bursting with natural oils and extracts and are packed with wholesome and natural ingredients that nourish pooches’ fur....

  • Formulated by animal-lovers, Pet Head is a pampering, multi-sensorial and highly effective grooming range, allowing dog owners to care for their dogs as well as they would care for themselves. The fun and fruity new Pet Head ranges includes soothing shampoos, nourishing conditioners, hydrating sprays, soft foams, 100% biodegradable wipes and the famous super moisturising Paw Butter.  

    Now bursting with natural oils and extracts all products are packed with wholesome and natural ingredients like aloe vera to soothe and vegetable protein to strengthen and moisturize the coat. All formulations are vegan, cruelty-free, pH balanced, free of parabens, surfactants, and dyes. Made in the USA to human quality standards. The new and improved packaging will steal the spotlight on any shelf and is even easier to use with the new push-pull bone cap for a fuss-free wash.  

    Our New Holiday Limited Edition is packed with all our pet care promises. It offers a merry blend of festive and natural ingredients with a warm roasted chestnut fragrance that is perfect for winter cuddles. 

    Pet Head, Love from Head to Paw! 

  • PupPod Rocker and Feeder
    PupPod is the world’s first multispecies gaming system for pets and owners at the intersection of smart homes and pet products. Play with pets from anywhere while providing mental stimulation and exercise when owners are away from home or busy....

  • When dogs interact with the PupPod Rocker at the correct time, they earn food rewards from a connected feeder and the game gets harder as dogs gets smarter. Dogs can work for 30 min to over an hour to earn a normal meal. The entire game is controlled from a smartphone where people can change game settings and stream live video. The entire game is based on operant conditioning and positive reinforcement.

    At first, dogs are rewarded for learning the connection between the PupPod Rocker and feeder. Then the game gets harder, requiring dogs to touch the toy within 2-seconds of a reward sound. There are game levels to reinforce concentration, task discrimination and impulse control. PupPod is accessible to deaf, hearing impaired, and blind dogs.

    The mental stimulation can help reduce separation anxiety and lead to calm behavior. Spread the Rocker and feeder apart to turn meal time into an activity. Dogs can walk up to a mile while earning a normal meal. It’s a great indoor activity when the weather outside is too hot, cold, icy or snowy. PupPod encourages slow eating which is better for health and digestion.