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At White Dog Club we offer products which are akcnowledged in 58+ countries worldwide: dry food and snacks against brown tear stains, coat care products and professional grooming equipment. Any grooming salon can become dpog SPA treatment center and pet shops can increase number of loyal customers. Let's grow your business together.

Brands: Tauro Pro Line, Nature's Protection Superio Care, Misoko


  • Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs
    The most important part of a pet’s life is to choose healthy nutrition. Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs food and treats provide a balanced nutrition formula that is a perfect solution for the prevention of brown tear stains around the eyes....

  • 95% of the nutrition system consists of dry feed and 2-5% of functional treats that make 100% of the perfect result.

    The secret of this nutrition formula is a carefully selected amount of amino acids that clarifies the composition of tears and saliva, helping to prevent brown/red stains on the coat. Nature's Protection Superior Care dog food and functional treats are made using 100% green energy. The composition contains sustainable ingredients such as antarctic krill and protein sources including insects which is a zero-waste ingredient.

    The assortment provides the best care and wellness to your pet - thanks to innovative ingredients such as MicroZeoGen - a natural mineral, dynamically micronized clinoptilolite which actively stimulates intestinal microflora and nutrient absorption. The assortment is known for carefully selected protein sources and amino acids complex, natural antioxidants, top-quality hypoallergenic ingredients – all based on the true needs of your pet!

  • MISOKO reusable pee pads and diapers
    MISOKO reusable pee pads and diapers - innovative, unique design, sustainable products worth the name of a champion for the champions!...

  • Tauro Misoko is 58 country and a 2 time world champion Bichon Frise, who has fascinated the dog-show world with his extraordinary looks and professionalism.

    Brand MISOKO radiates the spirit of the champion and is extinguished by a unique approach to everyday products.

    The reusable pee pads are made with 4 layers, to ensure complete absorption of all liquids. The bottom layer has non-slip silicone beads that do not allow the pad to move on any surface. Choose from 6 charming designs and machine wash for up to 300 times cutting the waste of disposable pads.

    Reusable diapers come in 8 adorable designs for females and males. Size chart ranges from XS to XXL to include pets of all sizes. The diapers don't require an additional pad to be inserted and are 100% leak-proof as they are made with 4 ultra-absorbent layers. The special Velcro tape does not stick to the fur of the pet, allowing to ensure maximum comfortability.

    MISOKO - created by a champion, for the champions at home!

    A natural clay mask with help of alkaline water provides long–term results for clear eyes solution! Pure mist has an antibacterial effect which purifies daily dust while Stainless look absorbs the dirt and excess moisture around the eyes....

  • Tauro Pro Line Pure mist – alkaline water refers to its high 11 pH level and is a source of minerals and antioxidants which have multifunctional useful properties for your pet’s daily hygiene. It has an antibacterial and antistatic effect that is useful for eye and ear hygiene, coat and skin care. Pure mist increases cosmetics efficiency up to 7 times and provides 10 times more moisture than regular water.

    Alkaline water is a perfect match to use with a Stainless look – using alkaline water to clean the daily dust and then applying a Stainless look product to absorb the dirt makes the result even better than using these products separately. The Stainless look contains a 3in1 formula with natural ingredients – Kaolin, Microzeogen, and Silver.

    The unique combination cleans the dirt, works as a drying agent, naturally whitens and absorbs the dirt and excess moisture, in this way the area stays clear and prevented brown tear stains!

  • Tauro Pro Line 6in1 bath with B.O.B technology
    Tauro Pro Line 6in1 bath with B.O.B technology includes: ozone therapy,hydro massage,air ioniser,milky spa,light therapy. It’s not jus a bath-it’s a magical machine that helps with both daily care and skin and coat problems....

  • Tauro Pro Line 6in1 bath with B.O.B technology consists of bath, ozone, milky spa, hydro massage, air ioniser and a light therapy. It is a perfect solution for both daily care and skin and coat problems. The B.O.B technology helps to regenerate the skin and precisely clean dirt from coat and skin, it promotes stimulation of hair follicle strength and regeneration.

    Combining natural and professional coat care products with bubble ozone bath technology increases the effectiveness of skin and coat spa treatments. Additionally, it assimilates the good properties of coat care products better while treating various skin and coat diseases or reducing allergic skin reactions. 6in1 bath is great for your pet’s activity as 15 minutes in this bath represents 1,5 hours in the gym. 

    Tauro Pro Line assortment combines natural coat care products, innovative equipment, and professional grooming tools that let us to achieve the highest result, efficiency and enjoy the impeccable appearance of the pet.