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5 Strands Affordable Testing  

Lawrenceville ,  GA 
United States
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The Affordable Pet Test provides a simple HAIR/FUR analysis test for pets that suffer from a Food Intolerance or Environmental Allergens. We test for 300 food and enviromental factors that could cause issues to a pet. Finding the source of intolerance symptoms allows you to make diet, environment and lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms. 

Brands: We offer test for dogs, cats, horses and Humans also.

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  • Dogs are susceptible to harmful algae because they swallow more water while swimming and doing activities (such as retrieving a ball from the water). Animals can experience symptoms within minutes of exposure to the toxins. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, difficulty breathing, and seizures. In the worst cases, animals have died.    Make sure to the TEST THE WATER.   5Strands provides an onsite testing kit to insure the safety of your pets and family.   Know within 15 minutes if harmful toxins are in the water.