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ADB Petite

Wilmington,  DE 
United States
  • Booth: 7714

Small Automatic Slicker Brush for brushing and dematting Pets.

Petfriendly. Cannot scratch the skin. Saves coats. Saves Time and Energy!

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Patented WW!

FCC and CE certified. Totally safe!

Best Selling product in Europe.

Brands: ADB Petite. Auto Dog Brush


  • ADB Petite
    Automatic Slicker Brush for brushing and dematting Pets Makes brushing pets very easy and enjoyable! Saves Time and Energy Saves Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder Saves Coats! Very Petfriendly...

  • ADB Petite

    Automatic Slicker Brush for Brushing and Dematting Pets in a very Petfriendly way.

    Makes 540 brushstrokes per minute AUTOMATICALLY 

    Powered by a wall adapter 12 Volt 2 / 3 Ampere

    Safety chip included to ensure always tender brushing.

    Flexible hose availabe to connect the ADB Petite to a vacuum cleaner so all the dust and dander and fine loose hairs will vanish into the vacuumcleaner and not in your Eyes, Nose and Lungs!

    Blue / White brushbelt available. Blue brushbelt to learn how to brush with the ADB Petite and for brushing tender spots. White brushbelt for extra strong dematting. 

    External Powerbank available to be able to brush anywhere you like.

    CE and FCC certificated.

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