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Earth Animal  

Southport,  CT 
United States
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Earth Animal has been helping dogs and cats live long, healthy lives through a holistic approach since 1979. Founded by veterinarian Bob Goldstein and his wife, Susan, Earth Animal is pioneering a more humane and sustainable way of enhancing and preserving quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth.

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  • Product Name Wisdom™ Chesapeake Bay Catfish
    Crafted in small batches and gently air-dried, Wisdom is Earth Animal’s ready-to-eat, one-of-a-kind food for dogs of all ages and life stages. Chesapeake Bay Catfish is one of our most sustainable products yet. And we are so proud of this recipe....

  • We source our catfish from the Chesapeake Bay where this non-native catfish species was introduced for recreational fishing in the 1960s. The species proved to have a higher tolerance to salinity leading to an overabundance. Today, catfish is considered an invasive species with many people, businesses, and organizations working together to manage the crisis.

    Fortunately for both humans and animals, blue catfish is both very tasty and nutritious. Using these fish in our diets is helping to clean up the waters and rebound native fish populations in the Chesapeake Bay – allowing a piece of the Earth’s natural ecosystem to heal.

    Also, sourcing catfish provides an opportunity for fishermen to earn an income from the invasive species that threaten their livelihoods. Non-native species outcompete native populations and disrupt the balanced food chain.

  • No-Hide® - The Barbeque
    The Barbeque is Earth Animal's new limited-time-only No-Hide® with smokey mixed-grill flavor. Serve The Barbeque to your dog during backyard cookouts, lake days, road trips, and more - after all, they are part of the family....

  • No-Hide® is the original super-healthy, longer-lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty alternative to rawhide. By combining a healthy formula, high quality ingredients, and compassionate sourcing, No-Hide chews are offering dogs worldwide pure joy. There’s no-thing like it on Earth.