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Friday's Dog  

Berwyn,  PA 
United States
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Friday's Dog is a comprehensive dog-care line that takes pride in crafting products with quality ingredients, effective formulations, and distinctive design with authentic purpose.

Committed to giving all dogs the best products possible - Friday's Dog strives to enable people to care for the dogs in their lives by delivering that "Friday Feeling" all day, every day through our trusted products.

From our washes specific to coat type needs, treats for long-term nutrition and oral care, to novel product design and formulations. We make these products possible by working with resident groomers, veterinarians, product specialists, and USA manufacturers to provide easy dog care solutions that add wellness and enjoyment to the daily rituals you experience with your dog.

While we love dogs and their people, we ultimately want to do good by all dogs - Especially those still searching for their forever homes. Friday's Dog is committed to washing a dog in need for every bottle sold to give them a change at a forever home with our partner Best Friends Animal Society. 

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That Friday Feeling
For All Dogs


  • Dog House Kit
    Introducing Friday’s Dog™ Dog House Kit containing a complete range of topical shampoos, oral care, and treats. Premium dog care products that are ph-balanced, made with essential oils, free from paraben and sulphate, and made in USA....

  • A reusable, biodegradable Doghouse containing the complete Friday’s Dog™ collection. This unique range stands out, with its pearlescent bottles, detailed dog caps, and foil packaging. A premium range, that supplies luxury to all dogs.

    • Puppy Wuppy™ Shampoo – made with essential oils for the little ones
    • Oodle Doodler™ 6-in-1 Shampoo – a unique blend designed for an Oodle coat, but suitable for all coat types
    • Mega Brilliance™ Shampoo – Containing optical brighteners to remove coat yellowing, free from bleach and peroxide
    • Oater Coater™ Shampoo & Conditioner – containing oats and oils for itch relief and sensitive skin
    • Mighty Mouth™ Water additive – an oral wellness solution that is recommended by Veterinarians, it cleans and freshens dog breathe by destroying plaque and tartar-causing bacteria
    • Snacktabulous™ dog treats – 3 delicious flavours with minimal ingredients, high in Omega 3-6, low in fat, gluten free and rich in protein.

    All topicals are pH-Balanced and made with a unique blend of Moringa Oil, Camelina Oil and Marshmallow Root. All products are paraben-free, sulphate-free, Spot-on-Safe, cruelty-free, veterinarian recommended, and groomer adored.

  • Oodle Doodler™ 6-in-1 Dog Shampoo
    A special blend designed for Oodles. This 6-in-1 shampoo helps retain the texture of an Oodle coat, by using a special blend of oils to moisturise and protect. Made for Oodles, perfect for all dogs. Our most versatile shampoo....

  • All Oodles need regular grooming to protect their special coat. For all fleece, wool or straight coat types, Oodle Doodler™ contains camelina oil, Marshmallow root and Moringa oil to clean, deodorize, nourish, soothe and protect skin. This all-in-one gentle formula is:

    • Paraben Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • pH-Balanced
    • Gentle Formula
    • Spot-on Safe
    • Veterinarian Recommended

    Perfect for all coat types, it’s the most versatile shampoo (not just for Oodles), and gentle enough to use on dogs 8 weeks or older. Just wet, apply, lather, rinse and dry! It’s that simple. Our proprietary blend of oils provides the conditioning and nourishment needed.

    In our unique Oodle Doodle™ bottle, with easy squeeze nozzle, this amazing shampoo is like a day spa for your dog.

  • Oater Coater™ Shampoo and Conditioner
    Oater Coater™ is a duo packed full of enriching ingredients like oatmeal, camelina oil, moringa oil, marshmallow root, and wheat germ oil, to soothe dry itchy skin. Shampoo to relieve the itch, conditioner to maintain a silky, healthy-looking coat....

  • Oater Coater™ Shampoo will make your dog go ahhhh! Simple, naturally derived soap-free cleansers leave skin and coat clean and deodorized – with its oatmeal, green tea and baking soda.

    Oater Coater™ Conditioner contains essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins (A, B1, B3, B6, D, E!) which soothes and protects and promotes a shiny, healthy, tangle-free coat.

    Best used together, our conditioner compliments any one of our Friday’s Dog™ Shampoos for and extra silky coat.

    • Soothes & Protects
    • Paraben Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • pH-Balanced
    • Gentle Formula
    • Spot-on Safe
    • Veterinarian recommended

    Gentle enough for all coat types, and suitable for dogs 8 weeks and over, our unique bottles feature an easy-to-use nozzle, and Vinyl Golden Retriever Over caps.

  • Mega Brilliance™ Whitening Shampoo
    Dial up the Brilliance with this ultra-brightening shampoo, suitable for all coat types. Designed with a special blend of optical brighteners, and free from peroxide and bleach, it works like magic to remove stains and coat yellowing....

  • Say good-bye to those dingy stains and dirty colors. Our Mega Brilliance™ whitening shampoo has a special blend of optical brighteners, camelina oil, Marshmallow root and Silk proteins to promote a brighter and super soft coat that will make any dog shine.

    Suitable for all dog breeds and coat types this amazing product is:

    • Bleach Free
    • Peroxide Free
    • Paraben Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • pH-Balanced
    • Spot-on-Safe
    • Veterinarian Recommended

    Gentle enough for all coat types, and suitable for dogs 8 weeks and over, our unique bottles feature an easy-to-use nozzle, and Vinyl Siberian Husky over caps.

  • Mighty Mouth™ Oral Wellness Water Additive
    Mighty Mouth™ Oral Wellness Water additive, is a veterinarian recommended solution, that cleans and freshens dog breath by destroying plaque and tartar-causing bacteria. Just add it straight to your dog’s water bowl....

  • A healthy mouth is one of the most important indicators of overall pet health and happiness. This easy-to-use daily water additive is added directly to your dog’s water bowl, without any taste or flavor

    • Improves Oral Health
    • Alcohol Free
    • Sugar Free
    • Detergent Free
    • Mint Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • Veterinarian Recommended

    Suitable for dogs and cats over 6 months of age, this easy-to-use product also helps reduce slime in your pet’s water bowl. Just add 1 teaspoon (or one capful) directly into fresh drinking water, and your pets will enjoy the benefits of a happy healthy mouth. 

    Daily brushing is time consuming and difficult now you can make oral health care a simple and pleasurable experience. 

  • Snacktabulous™ Dog Treats
    A range of delicious treats with minimal, and premium ingredients. Alaskan Salmon Jerky, Chicken Breast & Sweet Potato fillets, and Peanut Butter Coated Sweet Potato Fries – all packed with goodness and flavor....

  • We have packed all the goodness in and left all the nasties out. All Friday’s Dog treats are grain free, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, a great source of protein and low in fat. 

    Made  simple and clean ingredients containing natural Vitamins and Minerals, you can treat your dog without compromising their health.

    • Promotes Cardiovascular health
    • Healthy Skin and Coat
    • Assists in dental health
    • Promotes joint health
    • Great source of Fiber
    • Veterinarian recommended

    Alaskan Salmon Jerky

    A perfect size jerky made with REAL Alaskan Salmon. Easy to break into smaller bite size pieces for training, its suitable for all dogs with it’s soft texture and delicious flavor.

    Peanut Butter Coated Sweet Potato Fries

    Only 3 ingredients used, and a healthy meat free option for your furry friend. Suitable for all dogs’ sizes, the soft chewy texture is perfect for that special treat.

    Chicken Breast & Sweet Potato Fillets

    Made with REAL chicken breast and only containing 5 main ingredients, these delicious snacks are a healthy, delicious, and nutritious treat for dogs of all sizes.

    All our treats are packaged in our re-sealable foil packaging, to stay fresh for longer.