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Grandma Lucy's

Rancho Santa Margarita,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3813

Grandma Lucy’s believes that a healthy pet starts with healthy food, and that a remedy to many common ailments can be found by simply changing a pet’s diet. Since 1999, the brand has maintained a reputation for making only the best and it is constantly developing new products packed with leading-edge nutrition.

Brands: Grandma Lucy's - Artisan, Pureformance, Macanna, Moxie, 3 Bears, Singles, Pumpkin Pouches, Simple Replacement, Organic Baked Treats.


  • Top It - Pet Food Topper
    Filled with whole, superfoods, Top It Pet Food Toopers can provide your pet with a nutritional boost to their meal, added hydration or simply make meal time more fun! However you add Top Its, your pet will know how much you care....

  • No one forgets that love they felt when Grandma would make them their favorite meal on a Sunday. Many grandmas show their love through food and Grandma Lucy’s wants to help you show your pet that same special feeling. Filled with whole, superfood ingredients, Top Its can provide your pet with a nutritional boost to their meal, added hydration or simply make meal time more fun! However you add Top Its, your pet will know how much you care.

    From Grandma Lucy’s – with love

    So many ways to use!

    Use Grandma Lucy's Top It as a topper for your kibble, a topper for your raw, topper for your canned food, a flavoring for their water to encourage additional hydration, or even make a delicious gravy your pet will LOVE!!

    Beef Stew - Beef, Beef Liver, Pumpkin Flakes, 
    Flax Seed, Coconut, Broccoli, Apple, Flour, Ginger, Probiotics

    Roast Turkey Dinner - Turkey, Turkey Liver, Pumpkin Flakes, Sunflower Seed, Coconut, 
    Kale, Apple, Potato, Turmeric, Probiotics 

    Feeding Guidelines - We recommend adding 1 tablespoon per cup of your pet’s food. You can sprinkle it on your pet’s food dry but, to really bring out the delicious flavors, we recommend mixing an equal amount of water to the Top It. Whether you feed it dry or add some water to make a healthy gravy to coat their food, your pet will LOVE the extra love you added to their meal!

    4oz stand-up pouches

    Variety Pack available with clip strip to hang right next to your kibble.

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    Grandma Lucy's is a proud founding sponsor of IndiePet and member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.