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Animal Essentials  

Phoenix,  AZ 
United States
  • Booth: 2181

Animal Essentials is dedicated to improving and maintaining the highest possible quality of life for companion animals, their people, and the communities they live in.  We offer a full line of daily supplements and condition-specific herbal formulas, all used and and recommended by hundreds of veterinarians worldwide.

Brands: Animal Essentials, Veterinarian's Apawthecary, Animals Apawthecary, Tinkle Tonic, Tranquility Blend, Plant Enzymes and Probiotic.

 Press Releases

  • The team at Animal Essentials, a company that has been manufacturing premium pet supplements since 1995,  is extremely proud to announce that they have been awarded “Top Performer, 2022-2023” by the Pet Sustainability Coalition, for recognition of their top ranking social impact score. This award signifies that Animal Essentials is in the top 20% of PSC Accredited companies for verified scores on our social focus areas, and their leadership toward bringing higher levels of sustainability and equal rights to the pet industry. Animal Essentials has also been certified as a Plastic Neutral company, through their partnership with RePurpose Global, a program by which the company now removes as much plastic from the environment as it produces by the manufacture of its products.  “This has been a big step toward addressing one of the largest consumer preference shifts in the past 10 years,” states CEO and Founder, Greg Tilford.  “Through our partnership, we are taking the first step toward systemic environmental change — financing waste management infrastructure and empowering marginalized workers fighting the plastic waste crisis on the frontlines.” Tilford continues, “As a company that has been specializing in herbal formulas for dogs and cats over the past 27 years, we used to think of the word sustainable only as sort of a synonym for the words certified organic.  I have since realized that the issues of sustainability reach far beyond farming methods… it also includes the people who are doing the farming, and the lands that they are using.  With a $261 billion global pet industry serving around 2 billion pets, the environmental, supply chain and social impacts of what we produce and later throw away is immense.  Our goal is to set an example of what can be accomplished by joining together and taking positive action toward assuring a bright, healthy future for our pets, our supply chain partners around the world, and most of all, our planet.”


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