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  • BULLY STICKS AND MORE! New healthy and natural alternatives to the ever-popular Bully Stick are here! 

    Pizzle Bully Sticks remain an incredibly popular dog treat and are the number one selling body part in the natural treat category. Historically positioned at the front of the store, body parts (pizzle bully sticks, esophagus, cow’s ears, bones, trachea, tendons, etc.) are great margin drivers usually sold at full price. Often your customers add them to their monthly purchase of dog food. Healthy margins, high turns, long shelf lives, and most importantly, a dog’s favorite, bully sticks and other body parts are a winning part of a retailer’s assortment. 

    How did Bully Sticks become so popular?

    In part, customers were looking for a healthy alternative to Rawhide treats. Every good story has a villain, and in the natural treat category of body parts, that villain is Rawhide. Many respected dog associations and veterinarians have warned against the use of rawhide as a treat for dogs. From chemicals used to keep the outer hide soft during transport to the tannery to low digestibility and potential gastrointestinal issues, customers were looking for an alternative chew to rawhide. Natural body parts, especially Pizzle Bully Sticks, became the healthy and preferred option for a dog chew.  

    What are Bully Sticks, and how are they made?

    Beef Pizzle Bully Sticks are 100% pure beef and a long-lasting natural chew. And as most of you know, just like all our natural treats, they are made from a body part. Yes – in this case, the penile tract of a bull. Hung with a weight on a drying rack to keep it straight, the pizzle is slowly and thoroughly dehydrated over 2-3 days. With no moisture remaining, bully sticks have very long shelf lives–you’ll sell them long before they ever expire!  Being truly natural treats, our products will vary in size, color and appearance. That variation is the hallmark of authentic natural treats. They are also nutritious and a high-quality source of protein that supports muscle development and overall health, while 100% digestible to ensure absorption of the proteins and minerals that support a healthy immune system. Additionally, they help remove tartar and plaque while the dog chews, promoting healthy teeth and gums. And they are a source of Omega Fatty Acids that promote healthy skin and coat.

    Is there an alternative to the bully stick on the horizon with the price rising?

    Beef is a commodity, and the price of beef rises with rising demand for beef in the human food chain, combined with increased production costs. That commodity price increase from the human food chain is also applied to our raw materials. The price of many consumer items has been rising this past year, and beef is no exception. Although Pizzle Bully Sticks are still the top-selling natural body part treats, the “next” bully stick will give some price relief to your customers. The new Cheeky Bully Stick is made from 100% pure beef cheek meat. It looks like a Pizzle Bully Stick, and dogs love its great beefy taste! It chews like a Pizzle  Bully Stick; it is 100% digestible and retails for up to 25% less than our most popular odor reduced Pizzle Bully Stick! Great retail price, significant retail margins. And from a supply perspective, while we have only one pizzle on a bull, we have two cheeks on both the female and male bovine. This ensures we have great fill rates on cheek sticks just like we do on our famous Bully Sticks.

    Are Cheeky Bully Sticks nutritious?

    Cheek meat is a high protein (82%), low fat (3%), and easily digestible dog treat. A medium to hard chewing treat, it helps to reduce plaque and tartar, with the beefy flavour dogs love. It is naturally rich in collagen, which contributes to healthier joint function. Cheeky Bully Sticks are a slightly longer-lasting chew than a Pizzle Bully Stick, providing outstanding value for the customer and, most importantly, for the dog’s enjoyment.

    Where can you find Home Range products?

    Home Range natural dog treats are proudly distributed nationally in the USA by Animal Supply Co. (ASC). We are dedicated to pet specialty retailers, and we do not sell directly from our website to customers.


    The Cheeky Bully Stick is made from 100% pure beef cheek meat. It looks like a Pizzle Bully Stick, and dogs love its great beefy taste! It chews like a Pizzle Bully Stick, it is highly digestible. This is the NEXT Bully Stick!...

  • Open Range presents the Cheeky Bully Stick is made from 100% pure beef
    cheek meat. It looks like a Pizzle Bully Stick, and dogs love its great beefy taste! It chews like a Pizzle Bully Stick, it is highly digestible. This is the NEXT Bully Stick!


    100% pure beef cheek meat. derived from grass-fed animals that are raised without the use of steroids, hormones and antibiotics and contain no added artificial preservatives. colors or flavors.