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Honest Paws LLC  

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United States
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Honest Paws, widely recognized as the #1 brand in the CBD pet category, has been a pioneer in this space.  Offering unique delivery methods that dogs and cats just love, Honest Paws' line of products has been one of the fastest growing brands in pet retail.  Why consider an unproven brand?!?  Come by and say hi!  Booth 7255


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  • CBD Oil for Dogs-Mobility
    CBD Oil comes in Mobility, Calm, and Well. Size options are 125mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Enhances the function of your dog's joints and connective tissue. Helps relieve occasional joint stiffness....

  • As our pets age they can naturally start to slow down. Yet helping them to relieve occasional joint stiffness can work wonders for giving them greater enjoyment in life.

    Honest Paws Mobility Full-Spectrum Hemp with Naturally Occuring CBD can help to enhance the function of your dog’s joints and connective tissue. And with a touch of turmeric, we think they’ll love the taste too.

  • Calm Bites
    Calming dog bites made with Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Bites contain 5mg of naturally occuring CBD. Available in Calm, Relief, and Well....

  • Nightmares, panting and panting, or barking all the time are all warning signs that our dog is troubled by a past experience.


    And whether it’s traveling, moving to a new home, new neighbors, loud noises, or being left alone for too long, there are all sorts of things that can set our pets off.


    The good news is that Honest Paws Calm with organic, full-spectrum hemp with naturally occuring CBD can help your furry friend relax in as little as one hour. And these melt-in-your-mouth bites contain only the best, non-GMO, all-natural ingredients, while having a delicious peanut butter flavor. 

  • Relief Pet Balm
    Natural antibiotic topical balm to help relieve skin irritations, rashes, minor cuts, and dry itchy skin...

  • Seeing a pet struggling with patches of dry skin or an itchy rash can be heartbreaking. What’s worse is seeing constantly scratching and rubbing against things to try and get some relief. 

    The good news is that with Honest Paws Pet Balm + CBD, you can give your pet relief from itchy rashes and minor cuts within one hour. 

    It’s also perfect for protecting their paws and snout. And with a deliciously citrus fragrance, your pet will smell fresher too.

  • Well Pre+ Probiotic
    Pre+ Probiotics are recommended for: Supporting healthy digestion Helping support the immune system Helping maintain proper gut flora...

  • Custom formula that contains prebiotics, probiotics, and Solarplast (R) (can also be called spinach leaf extract). Organic spinach extract for restoration and repair 5 strains of probiotics - 5 Billion CFU per serving, single serving packets. 30 day supply per pouch.

  • Immunity Turkey Tail Mushroom Complex
    Recommended for: Enhancing the immune response Supporting immune system function Helping decrease oxidative damage...

  • The Turkey Tail Mushroom contains a wide variety of powerful antioxidants that assists the immune system and is the primary ingredient in our formula. Helps supercharge your dog's immune support, promotes healthy brain function, and helps support seasonal allergy relief.

  • Skin & Coat 5-in-1 Dog Wash
    Cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moisturizes, and detangles. Gently lathers, quickly rinses clean. Leaves coat shiny and fluffy....

  • A happy, healthy dog needs a happy, healthy coat. We developed a 5-in-1 wash that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moisturizes, and detangles all at the same time! We believe that true wellness for your pet means taking the holistic approach, with an all natural product with no toxic ingredients. 

    This advanced formula is made to:

    • Gently lift the dirt from your dog's coat.
    • Moisturize to keep Fido's skin healthy.
    • Create a softer coat, with no irritation.
  • Well Collection Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil +CBD
    -Help maintain healthy skin -Sooth skin -related issues associated with seasonal allergies -Support the immune system...

  • A naturally derived way to help your furry friend feel their best! Ideal for both dogs and cats, this powerful oil helps to maintain healthy skin, while also supporting the immune system. Additionally, it can be helpful in soothing skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies.