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Jiminy's makes dog food & treats that are delicious, nutritious, humane, and truly sustainable.  What makes our products sustainable? They're made with insect protein! Insects are a sustainable, prebiotic superfood using exponentially less land, water, and feed than traditional protein.  Jiminy's nourish our pets & promotes a healthy planet. 


  • Jiminy's Cravin’ Cricket Entree & Good Grub Entree
    Cravin’ Cricket & Good Grub wet food entrees are a unique step forward in nutrition, meaningful sustainability, health, and packaging. Both entrees feature insect protein – a complete novel protein helping dogs with allergies and promoting gut health....

  • Jiminy’s new wet food entrees, Cravin’ Cricket and Good Grub, add another offering to our expanding line of insect protein dog foods and treats.  Designed as a topper or stand-alone meal, both entrees feature whole-food ingredients that you can see, including carrots, green beans, sweet potato, flaxseed, and pumpkin.  Jiminy’s pressure-cooks these ingredients, ensuring nutrition and bowl-cleaning great taste stay locked in.  Cricket protein and grub protein are also complete novel proteins with all the essential amino acids.  Even better, Cravin’ Cricket and Good Grub are humane, while offering relief for allergy and digestion issues.  Each entrée’s secret ingredient - sustainability – delivers large scale savings in land and water use along with substantial greenhouse gas reduction.  Additionally, the renewably sourced, lightweight, and recyclable Tetra Paks further narrow Jiminy’s environmental footprint.  More than ever, Jiminy’s means happy pets and a healthy planet. 

  • Jiminy's Nooch Puffs & Peanut Puffs
    Jiminy’s Nooch and Peanut Puffs bring the excitement with an exciting mouth-feel - crunchy then melt in your dog's mouth. Fun - yet serious - these puffs offer sustainability, nutrition, and a high-quality novel protein in a feather-light puff....

  • Say hello to Nooch and Peanut Puffs!  These treats are Jiminy’s newest offerings for SuperZoo 2022!  Our Nooch Puffs are an exciting new form of treat with a feel that dogs love – crunchy! – followed by a surprising melt in the mouth.  Your heart will melt as your pup enjoys the deliciousness of our Nooch Puffs while knowing you’ve served a humane treat that’s good for pup and planet.  What’s Nooch?  It’s a nickname for nutritional yeast – the vegan cheese alternative. These tasty puffs are powered by cricket protein, of course, so this is a fun treat with serious intentions.  Your dog gets the highest-quality protein, and the earth saves water, land, and greenhouse gases – it’s almost too perfect.  Our Peanut Puffs are a fantastic complement, with a rich peanut butter flavor subtly tinged with a sweet banana taste.  Finally, with both Peanut Puffs and Nooch Puffs, Jiminy’s happily reports our puffs contains 22% protein, are only 2 calories each and are, well, human-grade.  Fun for all!