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Nonthaburi,  Thailand 
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 MOOCHIE  is pet food initiated by group of people who called themselves "PET PARENTS" that passionate about their pets and treat them like member of family.

Every menus made from complete & balanced nutritious to help your pets lead happy, healthy lives.

 Give Moochie 'TO SAY I LOVE YOU' 

Brands: Our products have wide range formula for dogs and cats i.e. meat loaf, casserole, home style, real flake meat and fish including variety of topping options in various packagings.


  • Vegan Formula
    Moochie Vegan Formula is a complete and balanced meal for dog, made by plant-based ingredients which contain essential nutrients as meat-based formula approved by phD animal nutritionists provides all nutrients for daily maintenance....

  • Moochie Vegan Formulas are available in 4 recipes ; weight managment, senior, gut health, skin&coat. 

    Moochie Vegan Senior formula is formulated to help all senior dog wellbeing. 

    No Added Preservatives or artificial colours, Meat-free, Made with Real Veggies, Contains Vitamin&Minerals, added taurine and L-carnitine for senior.

    Moochie Vegan Gut health formula is focused on healthy digestive system by adding prebiotics derived from Fructo-Oligosaccharide

    Moochie Vegan Weight management formula is included L-carnitine to improve dog metabolism with balance essential nutrient which dog need. 

    Moochie Vegan Skin and coat formula contains coconut oil and collagen to help support healthy skin and shiny coat

    This recipe suitable for

    Meat Protein Allergies
    Skin Rash Problem
    Unpleasant Body Odor
    Hair Loss
    Overweight Problem
    Senior with Digestive Issue

    Heartly made in Thailand with only the finest and super natural food ingredients, with no artificial flavours or preservatives. All of our vegetables are sustainably sourced from local farmers & producers that we know and trust.

  • Moochie Fairy Pureé
    Moochie Fairy Pureés are made from natural and unique ingredients. These are high moisture, protein, and alot of active ingredients that your cat needs. It can be a delicious snack and also can be a tasty topper on a kibble. Available in 10 flavours!!...

  • Moochie Fairy Pureés are made from premium ingredients which our brand selected by heart. We always include tuna or chicken in the first ingredient of the recipe. These are high moisture and protein that your cat needs. Furthermore, we added taurine which is a necessary amino acid for the cat to improve cat's health.

    Moochie Fairy Pureés lickable treat support overall immune and added prebiotic for a healthy tummy. Also no added salt, or preservatives.

    It can be a delicious snack that contains full of benefits for your cat's health and also can be a tasty topper on dry food. 

    Moochie Fairy Pureés are available in 10 flavours; Tuna & truffle flavour, Chicken  & chamomile flavour,  Chicken, carrot & pumpkin flavour, Chicken & purple sweet potato flavour, Tuna & katsuobushi flavour, Tuna & salmon flavour, Tuna, goat milk & strawberry flavour, Tuna & cheese flavour, Tuna & lobster flavour, Tuna bonito flavour.