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Native Pet

Saint Louis,  MO 
United States
  • Booth: 2281

Native Pet makes natural, highly effective, limited ingredient pet supplements using whole food & superfood ingredients. We invent functional foods that add targeted nutrition to our pets' daily routine with effective results and a truly great taste.

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  • Air-Dried Chews
    Native Pet’s air-dried chews are made with all-natural ingredients like real chicken (and no fillers). Formulated by a leading vet nutritionist, our chews feature clean ingredients in the exact doses your dog needs....

  • Through our game-changing method of air-drying our all-natural ingredients, we found a way to deliver real food nutrients without sacrificing any of their naturally occurring benefits.


    Native Pet’s Air-Dried Chews are made with real chicken, are free of fillers and artificial flavors, and are made with 9 ingredients or less.


    Soft chews tend to lean on fillers, flavorings, and hard-to-pronounce ingredients that, although tasty, can be counterproductive. With our Air-Dried Chews, you get the cleanest, most effective chew available.


    Our offering includes Allergy Chews, Bladder Chews, Calm Chews, and Relief Chews.


    Native Pet's air-dried Allergy Chews build a defense against allergies.

    Native Pet's air-dried Bladder Chews help support healthy bladder function and build a defense against frequent UTIs.

    Native Pet's air-dried Calm Chews help reduce general anxiety.

    Native Pet's air-dried Relief Chews help alleviate joint pain & improve mobility and help improve anti-inflammatory response.

  • Digestive Wellness Supplements
    Native Pet’s digestive wellness supplements, Probiotic and Organic Pumpkin Powder, are the ultimate all-natural remedy for a dog’s digestive issues. These products feature clean and limited ingredients to provide digestive support and relief....

  • A powdered mix of probiotics and organic prebiotics that help promote good gut bacteria. Our Probiotic

    • Addresses acute and chronic diarrhea

    • Creates a thriving environment for healthy flora

    • Is super tasty and protein-packed

    • Contains 6 Billion CFU

    • Is shelf-stable for up to 2 years

    Our Probiotic is also made with just 4 ingredients. There are 3 ways to serve our Probiotic: mix into food, create a broth (by adding water), or sprinkle on top of food as a topper. Learn more about our Probiotic.

    Shelf-stable powdered pumpkin that’s simply mixed with water and ready to go.

    Our  Pumpkin Powder:

    • Addresses acute diarrhea

    • Relieves constipation

    • Helps prevent scooting.

    There are 3 ways to serve our Pumpkin Powder: whip up a puree, mix into food, or sprinkle on top of food as a topper. Learn about our Pumpkin Powder, made with just 3 ingredients. This natural remedy is an easier alternative to canned pumpkin for dogs, and it boasts the same benefits. Bonus, it’s Organic!
  • Omega Oil
    Native Pet’s Omega Oil is a targeted formula that promotes healthy skin and coat with added heart-health benefits. Our Omega Oil is made from ethically sourced, wild-caught fish, and it doubles as a nutritious food topper....

  • Native Pet’s Omega Oi:

    • Addresses irritating skin conditions

    • Reduces itching and scratching

    • Helps alleviate joint pain

    • Is shelf-stable for up to 2 years.

    Made with just 5 ingredients, our blend of fish oils, wheat germ oil & and biotin delivers the optimal blend of EPA, DHA & Vitamin E. Our fish oil dog food topper is an easy to use dog omega 3 pump that will coat your dogs kibble with a delicious and nutritious blend of fish oils they are sure to love!