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Next Gen International Corporation

Laguna Niguel,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3519

Natural & environmentally responsible pet products such as our clumping cat litter made from recycled wood and green tea for excellent odor control.  We also offer Pacific 21 dog & cat treats made from 100% wild caught fish no grains or fillers in these treats ! 

Brands: Next Gen International Pet Products Pacific 21 Snacks


  • Next Gen Timber Fresh Hybrid
    A wood pellet cat litter with the texture of cay litter. Help your cat transition from clay to a natural litter. Made from Hinoki cypress wood for odor control. It clumps and is lightweight....

  • One of the biggest hurdles for cats and cat owners is that their cats really love clay cat litter.  Next Gen's new Timber Fresh Hybrid formula incorporates a small percentage of bentonite along with natural hinoki cypress wood to provide a texture cat used to lcay will be comfortable with but offers the superior odor control you'd expect from Next Gen cat litter.

    - Help your cats tyrasnition from clay to a natural alternive litter

    - Timber Fresh Hybrid has excellent odor control through the use of Hinoki Cypress wood to suppress the gorwth of bacteria in the litter box

    - Lightweight and long lasting

     - Tmber Fresh Hybrid also work well with automatic litter boxes.