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OASE Living Water

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Since 1949, OASE Living Water has revolutionized the water gardening industry with innovative products that enhance and improve the overall experience. OASE’s 70 years of expertise and research have resulted in the launch of our most recent line of quality indoor aquarium products. Designed and engineered by our own passionate hobbyists, we now offer a variety of aquatic products suitable for all: from the novice to the most experienced enthusiast.

Brands: OASE Indoor Aquatics line features innovative filters with integrated heaters, pumps, accessories and more. biOrb includes complete aquarium and terrarium sets, as well as beautiful décor options.


  • BioStyle Thermo Filter
    OASE BioStyle Thermo is a sleek, compact power filter, with an integrated heater. This quiet, energy-efficient hang-on-back filter is designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance....

  • OASE BioStyle Thermo is a sleek, compact power filter, ideal for marine and freshwater aquariums. This hang on back filter includes two multi-stage filter cartridges and two biological filter foams to ensure optimal water quality and clarity. The easy to see cleaning indicator lets you know when it is time to change the multi-stage cartridges or clean the biological filter foams. The filter's design allows for customization of filter media that can be easily replaced within the filter at any point, based on aquarium needs. BioStyle filters are designed for easy installation, with an adjustable leveler foot for securing the filter to different thicknesses of aquarium glass and with a telescopic intake for varying aquarium heights. The filter’s built-in adjustable flow control allows you to change the intensity of water movement in your aquarium. This BioStyle Thermo filter reduces the amount of additional equipment seen in the aquarium by integrating a heater into the filter unit. Designed with German engineering and manufactured in Italy, this quiet and energy efficient filter is backed by a 3-year warranty. 

  • biOrb EARTH Vivarium
    The intelligent biOrb EARTH recreates the natural environment for your reptiles or amphibians. An easy-to-use app and advanced technology ensure plants and animals thrive. And unlike most vivariums, biOrb EARTH has only one power cable....

  • The intelligent biOrb EARTH vivarium provides you with everything needed to recreate the natural environment for your reptiles or amphibians. An easy-to-use app and advanced technology ensure your plants and animals thrive. The temperature is regulated by an adjustable substrate heater and a patented temperature control unit. Together these provide a 3D thermal gradient. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and controlled by 2 sensors at the top and bottom of the unit. Plus, biOrb EARTH is equipped with an ultrasonic mister, 2 rain nozzles, and capillary matting. In the hood are four banks of lights; 2 Sunlight LEDs, a UV-light, and a RGB and Infrared unit. Most vivariums only replicate how your animals' natural world looks and feels. The EARTH takes this experience one step further and includes a speaker. The final main automated feature is the air system, which ensures the air coming into and out of the unit is clean and fresh. Finally, the EARTH has just 1 power cable.