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OutFox For Dogs

Walnut Creek,  CA 
United States
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Peticular LLC d/b/a OutFox For Dogs produces the OutFox™ Field Guard, a patented, vinyl-coated mesh mask designed to protect your dogs eyes, ears, nose, and mouth from foxtails and grass seeds. Additional uses include preventing scavenging and keeping pesky insects away from a dog's face.


  • OutFox Field Guard
    The OutFox® Field Guard is a patented mask that protects dog's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth from foxtails. In addition to protection against foxtails, the Field Guard is excellent at preventing scavenging and keeping pesky insects from dog's faces....

  • The patented OutFox® Field Guard is designed to help protect dogs’ eyes, ears, and noses from barbed grass seed penetration. The Field Guard is also used to help prevent scavenging and to help protect from insects. The Field Guard was developed when Diane Kostelec, an avid hiker, sought a solution to protect her dogs from the harmful injuries caused by foxtails while out on thier adventures. Leveraging her technical design experiences, Diane knew the answer would be a product that would shield her dog's faces and act as a barrier against pesky grass awns.

    With her top priority to make the mask as comfortable as possible for dogs, Diane designed every aspect of the Field Guard with meticulous care and detail - from the color to the material to the form. The color was chosen because black is the easiest color for dogs to see through. The material was chosesn because of its airy, lightweight composition and the fact that it complies with California Proposition 65 and the FDA and children’s toy standards. Specifically, each Field Guard is free from harmful phthalates, lead, and other banned heavy metals, which means that the Field Guard is safe for dogs to breathe through and if chewed on. In addition, the material used by the Field Guard is tested to be both bacteria and fungus-resistant. It also has the added benefit of acting as a sunshade for dogs with sensitive eyes or skin conditions as it has been shown to block 60% of UVA and UVB rays. With respect to the form, careful consideration was taken to make sure that mask would not be abrasive and would be unnoticeable to the dog while placed on its head. The shape provides for constant air circulation and the elasticized opening makes it easy for owners to slip the Field Guard on and off without having to adjust it every time.

    The OutFox® Field Guard is recommended by veterinarians as it has been shown to be a great prevention against foxtail penetration and as a solution for dogs with pica. To learn more, visit 

    The OutFox® Field Guard has appeared in The Bark and Rover. It is available online and at participating retailers. We offer speical pricing for bulk purchase.