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Pet Retail Direct

Elk Grove Village,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 6557

Pet Retail Direct is dedicated to the success of Independent Pet Retailers. We bring you factory direct pricing on the most popular pet products reducing your wholesale costs by as much as 50%.

Brands: Canine Naturals, Scamper, BV Pet


  • 29g Aqua Sprouts
    Stylishly combine your garden and aquarium into a self-sustaining ecosystem. The AquaSprouts® Garden recycles fish waste to provide vital nutrients for growing plants, leaving the water clean and clear without the need for additional filters...

  • It's not magic - it's nature! Aquaponics employs the same principles as the natural world. The AquaSprouts Garden provides the perfect platform for allowing anyone, anywhere to discover the potential of aquaponics, while bringing a bit of nature indoors. Think about it — fish and plants can comfortably coexist in the same ecosystem. As fish mature and produce waste, plants use that waste as their nutrients to grow, while also cleaning the tank’s water. So why not put those fish to good use?