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Privy Kitty

Torrance,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 5575, with our first product, invented and patented by Sharon Goddard Imel, president of Privypet. Our company is dedicated to making the lives of cats better with the new Privy Kitty, solving many, long time, issues for cat owners. Hidden wall mounted exterior litter box, manually operated, earth friendly, less waste, cleaner environment.

Brands: Privy Kitty for the PRIVY cat. Privypet for improved lives for animals. cats lives matter, boot the box, Kitty love, luxury and freedom


  • Privy Kitty
    Exterior wall mounted cat litter box for indoor cats...

  • Exterior Wall Mounted Cat Litter Box for Inside Cats, with patents US 9,961,875 B2, and US D938667 S and Canadian #3,005,221. Cats enter the Privy from inside the home through the wall portal and vaper flap, passing over the Privy Kitty mat. The interior of the litter box features a high walled removable litter pan for easy cleaning. Odors vent out through integrated screens, and rain cannot penetrate with the water-resistant sloping lid for sheading water. Eves cover screens for ventilation. removable pan has handles for easy lifting when cleaning. This unit is manually operated and installed, and has no electrical parts or batteries, so it won't break down or quit. It has no containers or cardboard boxes to dispose of on a weekly or daily basis that contribute to troubled landfills. It is environmentally friendly allowing less waste in our environment. Cats love the privacy of entering from inside the house through the wall, to their Private luxury litter room, and they return safely right back inside after using it. The Privy Kitty entrance comes with a vapor flap installed, but can be removed for any reason and for cleaning, by bending it and holding it at a 95° angle. There is a transitional Privy Kitty paw wiping mat in the portal passage from the inside to the outside. The Privy is a very clean and attractive way to have a cat in your house, because it removes the need to have a cat box sitting on the floor in the way to smell bad and trip over.  Privy Kitty Litter Station provides less bending, less odors, less dust to breath, less mess in the house, more floor space in the home, and a private retreat for kitty. Comes with complete instructions and two templates. When you're ready to rake and service the litter box, you go outside in the fresh air where the Privy has been placed on your exterior wall. Simply unlatch the lid and lift it to open position. While the lid is hooked safely in place, the owner can rake the droppings into a trash can, or bag, and then close the lid. The latch locks and cats cannot escape. The Privy is paintable, which may provide sun protection in higher temperatures. For cold times of the year, the box creates some insulation with it  space and the vapor flap barrier, but other measures may need to be taken during deep freezes. This product is great for mild temperatures and weather, although as mentioned in more extreme climates, other means may need to be addressed during the extreme times of the year. When selecting the location of the Privy, one needs to consider the framing and possible obstructions inside the wall, and the area on the outside of the house to have room for the Privy to mount and for the lid to be raised in place and hooked for daily litter raking. The inside of the litter box is roomy enough for cats to enter, turn around, and exit. The vapor flap is clear and flexible, but heavy enough to help insulate. The Privy Kitty can be installed by the owner if they are a good DIY candidate, but we recommend hiring a licensed contractor or handyman. The instructions are thorough, and comes with two templates. It is fun to seek out the right location for the luxurious Privy Kitty, and it is so wonderful to rid the house of the litter box taking up space in the home. Privy Kitty owners say, "I can’t believe they haven't invented this sooner, it is the greatest!"