(Pre-conference Workshop) Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) Training Program

    Tuesday,October 19, 2021:12:30 PM -4:00 PM


    Guy Grace, AHC, FDAI, CDT
    Director of Security and Emergency Planning
    Littleton Public Schools
    Mark Williams
    Board Chairman
    Partner Alliance for Safer Schools
    Paul Timm, PSP
    Vice President
    Facility Engineering Associates


    Note: Seperate registration is required for this workshop; it is not included in the All-Access Pass.

    Today’s school safety and security challenges are multi-faceted and complex. There is no single action that will, by itself, make our schools safe. Protecting students and staff is a tremendous moral and legal responsibility that requires a comprehensive approach to these challenges.

    Security management is a core responsibility of school administrators, who face daily pressure to ensure that students and staff are protected, often without significant security expertise or the benefit of full-time safety/security staff. When it comes to security, school administrators are faced with three difficult questions: 
    • What do we do? 
    • How do we prioritize? 
    • Where do we start? 

    The PASS Guidelines and Checklist were developed to provide administrators with the means to effectively evaluate safety and security infrastructure already in place, prioritize investments and maximize safety and security gained by leveraging available resources. The Guidelines and Checklist identify and classify best practices for securing k12 facilities in response to the urgent needs identified by the educational community. 

    In this 3-hour training workshop, Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) will outline:
    •    Its vision and mission to supporting industry partners who work in the K-12 environment 
    •    How PASS can aid partners in taking a consultative role with their school clients by communicating effective measures to improve school safety and security.
    •    The multi-faceted safety and security challenges encountered by schools across the United States.
    •    The PASS guidelines layered and tiered approach to school safety and security
    •    PASS Partner tools and resources
    •    The importance and ongoing benefits of being a PASS Partner and sponsor to encourage schools to implement the industry best practice recommendations 

    This program is required training to become a PASS Partner. The cost to attend includes a complimentary one-year subscription as a PASS Partner ($295 value). Lunch included in workshop. 

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