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MÜNZING - Creating Additive Value

For more than 180 years, MÜNZING has been helping its
customers perfect their products by creating specialty additives
that are precisely right for them. Headquartered in Abstatt,
Germany, our manufacturing plants in America and Germany
have broad synthesis and formulation capabilities to best serve
our global customer base.
MÜNZING has a presence in more than 40 countries and is a
technology-driven organization with an extensive network of
highly skilled R&D and technical service professionals. Our
additives have achieved worldwide recognition for their
performance, quality and technical innovation. Our
product line includes defoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers,
emulsifiers, wetting and leveling agents, micronized and coated
waxes and wax dispersions and emulsions.
If you have a specific challenge, we have the technical expertise
and laboratory capabilities to craft a unique solution. MÜNZING is committed
to providing an unmatched level of technical service to all of our
customers and to ensure that our products deliver optimal


 Show Specials

  • Kajal Parekh of Munzing presents Tuesday, March 31st at 2:30 p.m.

    A new functional additive based on crosslinked siloxane polyacrylate technology was developed to provide an outstanding ‘easy to clean’ surface or ‘anti-graffiti’ effect in solvent based coatings. The additive was designed to significantly lower the surface energy of the coating, thus making it more hydrophobic and oleophobic. This allows surface contaminates such as dirt, fingerprints, and spray paints to be easily removed. The anchor groups introduced in the molecule can interact with suitable binders to ensure long-lasting functional attributes. Additionally, the additive lowers the COF and does not negatively impact the optical properties of the coating. The application features are demonstrated along with surface energy / contact angle measurements using variety of test systems.

 Press Releases

  • MÜNZING’s defoamers are industry standards for reducing the problems associated with foam formation in the production and application of water-based systems, but we offer more than just defoamers. Experienced personnel in our technical labs continually develop new additives that create value for our customers in the paint and coatings industry.

    MÜNZING has a wide range of additives to meet the demands of a diverse industry.

    - METOLAT® ETC 1 a new additive that improves dirt pick-up resistance and provides ‘easy to clean’ surface

    - AGITAN® 352 a renewable bio-based defoamer compliant with a wide range of food contact regulations

    - Dispersants for universal colorants, water and solvent borne formulations

    - Universal flow and leveling additives for water and solvent systems

    - Open time additives and VOC-free dispersions for paints

    - Micronized waxes from renewable sources

    - Effect pigment stabilizers for water-based and solvent-based coatings


    Additive for Graffiti Resistance and an Easy-to-Clean Surface...

  • METOLAT® ETC 1 is a surface additive which provides easy to clean surfaces, reduced adhesion of spray paints and increased marker resistance. It also guarantees pronounced tape release and slip properties. Due to its hydroxy functionality, it can be permanently anchored in the binder matrix using suitable 2-component systems, e.g. based on acrylate/isocyanate.
    Main fields of application:
    - Industrial coatings
    - Wood varnishes
    - Top coats and clear lacquers
  • AGITAN® 352
    'Green' Defoamer for Water-based Systems...

  • AGITAN® 352 is a renewable bio-based defoamer compliant with a wide range of food contact regulations.

  • EDAPLAN® 918
    Universal Dispersing and Wetting Agent...

  • EDAPLAN® 918 is a solvent-free dispersing and wetting agent with an active content of 100 %. It is designed to disperse organic pigments, carbon blacks and inorganic pigments for universal use in both, water and solvent based systems, including High Solids. It is ideal for the manufacturing of coatings as well as for the manufacturing of resin free pigment concentrates. 
  • EDAPLAN® 490 Series
    Polymeric Dispersants for Aqueous Systems...

  • EDAPLAN® 490 Series - achieve very high pigment loading at low dosage in binder free pigment paste formulations.
  • LUBA-print® W5700, W5725, W5800
    Wax Dispersions for Aqueous Lacquer Systems...

  • LUBA-print® W5700, W5725, W5800 for improving slip property and mar resistance in aqueous lacquer systems and improving rub and mar resistance with good gloss stability in aqueous printing inks.

  • LUBA-print® 725
    Wax Emulsion...

  • Rheology-modifying wax emulsion to improve the effect pigment orientation in aqueous coatings.

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