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COROB offers a complete range of point-of-sale equipment from entry-level and high-performance dispensers to mixers and shakers. In addition, COROB supplies complete in-plant tinting systems, advanced self-service vending solutions, and NOVAFLOW weight-based dispensing systems.

NOVAFLOW automated gravimetric dispensing systems have served a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, paint and coatings, label, packaging, and printing. Our robust hardware operates in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments and when coupled with in-house developed Enterprise Material Management Software (EMMS), NOVAFLOW equipment reduces costs and waste, while improving operating efficiencies and production times. The flexibility of our hardware and software allows us to build systems that suit very specific needs and budgets as well as handle a variety of fluids, including:

·         UV, water-based, and offset printing inks

·         Solvent-based printing inks

·         Non-volatile and volatile paints and coatings

·         Chemicals

·         Fragrances

·         Adhesives

Brands: NOVAFLOW Gravimetric Dispensing Systems ULTRA Dispensing System MultiFlow Valves EMMS Software COROB Dispensers COROB Mixers and Shakers

 Press Releases

  • Contact:

    Jack Walsh – Managing Director
    4901-A Gibbon Road
    Charlotte, NC 28269
    Phone: 704-588-8408

    COROB Announces New, Entry-Level In-Plant Production System

    Charlotte, N.C. – (January 15, 2020) COROB, manufacturer of high-performance dispensers, mixers, and shakers, introduces the Novaflow N20 ULTRA an entry-level tinting/dispensing system. The N20 ULTRA is a cost-effective system that provides fully-automated dispensing without a major capital outlay.

    “We developed the ULTRA to address a growing need for an affordable dispensing system that would serve as the baseline for in-plant production,” says Jack Walsh, managing director, COROB North America. “The ULTRA is the perfect system for manufacturers who want to add automatic dispensing into their operations but require a low profile, full-featured system at a very practical price. One of the system’s draw is that it is a fully-functioning unit that installs in only a few hours.” The ULTRA’s pneumatic, electrical, and fluid connections are shipped completely connected for a simple installation. In addition, the computer, pneumatic, and electrical hardware are housed in a NEMA 4 cabinet for protection against environmental elements.

    The ULTRA dispenses up to a maximum of 14 components (ink, paint, adhesives, chemicals) using an exclusive, COROB-designed dispense head. This dispense head leverages electrically-integrated nozzle valves that provide superior performance characteristics, including:

    ·       Extremely accurate ink dispensing

    ·       No line purging, saving time and ingredients

    ·       No-drip nozzles with re-circulation at the tip, reducing hose clogging

    ·       An automatic nozzle head cleaner to cut maintenance time

    Walsh continues, “Our customers have remarked that they have made gains very quickly after the initial setup. Some of the feedback we’ve heard is the ability to have just-in-time production/delivery, re-work and re-formulate components in order to optimize inventory, and deliver extremely precise, repeatable colors.”  

    About COROB®

    Headquartered close to Modena, in San Felice sul Panaro, Italy, in the heart of Italy’s finest advanced engineering and manufacturing area, COROB is the world’s leading supplier of advanced dispensing and tinting equipment for the global paints and coatings industry. COROB offers a complete range of point-of-sales equipment from entry-level to high-performance dispensers, as well as mixers and shakers. COROB also has a full range of factory automation solutions for the paints and coatings industry, from in-batch production to
    in-can tinting.


  • NOVAFLOW ULTRA Dispensing System
    NOVAFLOW gravimetric paint dispensers, including ULTRA, offer the paint and coatings industry the ability to streamline production while at the same time providing the highest degree of formulation manufacturing accuracy on a repetitive basis....

  • The N20 ULTRA is a cost-effective system designed to provide fully-automated dispensing without a major capital outlay. N20 ULTRA is ideal when producing jugs, one-gallon cans or five-gallon pails that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. A fully functioning unit installs in only a few hours. All pneumatic, electrical, and fluid connections are shipped fully connected for simple assembly. The computer, pneumatic, and electrical hardware are housed in a NEMA 4 cabinet for protection against environmental elements. Up to a maximum of 14 components can be dispensed using the exclusive, but very economical COROB dispensing valve. This electrically-integrated nozzle valve offers:

    • Extremely accurate dispensing
    • No line purging needed, saves time/ingredients
    • No-drip nozzles with recirculation at the tip, reduces hose clogging
    • Automatic nozzle head cleaner cuts maintenance time; operators simply perform a daily manual wipe
  • EVOPWR Dispenser
    EVOPWR is a high-speed, fully automatic tinter capable of dispensing 136 fl. oz. per minute. It includes non-wearable Bellows pumps, humidification system, roller conveyor with fold-down shelf, bung hole locating laser pointer, and can sensor....

  • COROB EVOPWR incorporates a smart 5G electronic platform that ensures the dispenser’s accuracy and repeatability, delivering color excellence to the consumer. This dispenser offers a complete range of performance settings, single drive system with gear or bellows technology, and a wide range of canister layouts and modules. With improved ergonomics, operators can easily fill canisters as well as service dispense nozzles, valves, electronics, and mechanical functions.

    The exclusive 5G platform provides up to a 1/768 fl. oz. minimum dispense accuracy at ± 1% (standard), and a full simultaneous dispense system distributes up to eight circuits at up to 34 fl. oz per minute (high flow) with no downtime or canister rotation.

    With a single drive system, the circuits are individually controlled; only the specified circuits will pump and deliver colorant, saving wear on pump and motor. EVOPWR incorporates either a three-way electric valve with re-circulation or COROB’s optional integrated nozzle valve (INV). With INV users eliminate daily colorant purging and unplugging dry colorant in the nozzle. Daily maintenance is easy, users simply wipe the nozzle’s surface.

  • D600 Dispenser
    Compact, high capacity dispensing solution that is operator friendly, efficient, and flexible....

  • The COROB D600 dispenser combines large colorant capacity with fast dispensing speeds and ergonomic can handling. The D600 has the latest gear pump technology, which reduces the need for calibrations, facilitates dispensing of zero/low VOC colorants, and provides years of worry-free maintenance. In-line filters keep dried colorant out of the can, delivering a cleaner paint finish. And, accessing the machine’s interior is easy. Operators simply remove the side and back panels, and a low top working area accommodates all operators’ heights.


    ·       Suitable for universal and water-based colorants

    ·       Up to 24 circuits or canisters available

    ·       High speed, fully simultaneous and available with lab, standard or high-flow pump configurations

    ·       Roller conveyor with fold down gallon shelf

    ·       Laser bung hole locator

    ·       COROB-stocked 12 canister units: 4-gallon and 1.5-gallon canisters for water-based colorants

    ·       COROB-stocked 16 canister units: 1.5 gallon for water-based colorants

    ·       Automatic, programmable stirring/recirculation of colorants

    ·       PC-controlled operation

    ·       Nozzle cap humidification system

    ·       Compatible with most spectrophotometer systems

  • CLEVERMix 700 Mixer
    CLEVERmix 700 is a small footprint, advanced gyroscopic paint mixer. Designed to quickly mix a variety of base paints in five-gallon pails, one-gallon cans, or quarts. Bi-directional gyroscopic motion distributes all colorant throughout and into the base....

  • CLEVERmix 700 is a small footprint, advanced gyroscopic paint mixer. Designed as a very flexible unit, CLEVERmix 700 quickly mixes a variety of base paints in five gallon pails, one gallon cans, or quarts. Bi-directional gyroscopic motion distributes all colorant throughout and into the base. With a gyroscopic motion, mixing is done twice as fast as orbital/vibrational/shaking mixing.
    The CLEVERmix 700 is ideal for handling dark, rich colors and is excellent for difficult base products (in terms of viscosity). The machine has an Intuitive Control System that manages clamping pressure, time, and speed to programmable default mixing cycles. The extractable plate combined with the optional automatic vertical sliding door facilitates loading and unloading of any type of cans. And, a new efficient motor provides less energy consumption but still retains its power.

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