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  • Molybdenum Trioxide (Chemical Grade)
    Molybdenum Trioxide is used in the production of molybdenum products, as an industrial catalyst, a pigment, a component of glass, ceramics and enamels, a flame retardant for polyester and PVC resins.

    Mo Content: 66.6 % min

    Molecular Formula: MoO3...

  • Major uses of Molybdenum Trioxide are as below:

    1) As a Smoke Suppressant and Fire Retardant additive for wide range of plastics, most prominently for PVC wires.

    2) Manufacturing  of catalyst used in PET production

    3) Manufacturing  of catalyst used in Acrylonitrile production

    4) As an Activator in glass industry

    5) As a Flocculent in Titanium Dioxide production

    6) Manufacturing of Ceramic frits

  • Sodium Molybdate
    Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate is glossy colorless crystal which is soluble in water.

    MO Content: 39 to 39.7 %

    Molecular Formula: Na2MoO4

    HS Code: 28417020...

  •  Major uses of Sodium Molybdate are as follows:

    1) Industrial water treatment: Used as a metal corrosion inhibitor, descaling agent and bleaching agent.

    2) Fertilizer and Micronutrients: Correcting molybdenum deficiencies in soil to help increase crop yield and land productivity.

    3) Pigments and Inks: It is used as a catalyst to manufacture printing inks and pigments. Major application is for manufacturing of Molybdenum Red/Orange pigment.

    4) Flame Retardant: It is used to add flame retardant property in plastics and used in manufacturing of smoke suppressants and fire detection systems.

    5) Anti-Freeze agents: As an anti-freeze additive for Coolants & Grease for automobiles

    6) Animal and Poultry feed: It is used as a feed additive for animal and poultry feed products. Palvi is the only Indian company that has FSSAI, Halal and Kosher licenses for sale into feed applications.

  • Ammonium Hepta Molybdate
    Ammonium Hepta Molybdate, also known as ammonium Para Molybdate, is kind of large particles colorless monoclinic crystal.

    Molecular Formula : (NH4)6 Mo7 O24. 4H2O

    Mo Content : 53.5 to 55 %

    HS Code: 28417090...

  • Uses of Ammonium Hepta Molybdate are as follows:

    1) As a catalyst in production of Copper Phthalocyanine (CPC) pigments.

    2) It can also be used as an Analytical Reagent to determine lead, phosphate, arsenate and alkaloids.

    3) It is used as a raw material to produce ceramic glazes.

    4) Major application of Ammonium Hepta Molybdate is as an Agriculture Fertilizer and Micronutrient.

  • Ammonium Di Molybdate
    Ammonium Di Molybdate

    Molecular Formula: (NH4)2 Mo2 O7

    Mo Content: 56.0% to 56.5%

    HS Code: 28417090...

  • Ammonium dimolybdate main applications:

    1) It is used for catalyst, molybdenum metal, paint, metal surface treatment, corrosion inhibitors and trace element fertilizers production.

    2) Used for molybdenum powder production, it is usually as the raw material for producing ceramic pigment and other molybdenum compounds.

    3) It is used for producing hydrogenation, desulfurization agent petroleum refining, chemical fertilizer catalysts and dyes.

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