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Founded in 1872, Sibelco has grown into a truly multinational enterprise with operations across the globe and an extensive multi-mineral portfolio.

Whether you’re looking for whiteness or color development, chemical or UV stability, stain and scrub resistance or hiding power, green formulating or cost management, we can supply you with a sustainable source of functional raw materials.


  • MINEX®
    Nepheline syenite
    Excellent photochemical stability
    Low tint strength for tint bases
    Gloss control
    Safest HS&E profile (OSHA-compliant)
    Low viscosity for high solids systems
    Reduced levels of photo-initiators required in UV-curable systems...

  • MINEX® fillers are produced from nepheline syenite; a naturally occurring, silica deficient, sodium-potassium alumina silicate.

    MINEX micronized functional fillers and extenders are proven performance enhancers in a broad range of paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and inks. Excellent brightness, tint retention, and weatherability can be achieved in exterior paints. Improved color, sheen uniformity, chemical and stain resistance, and durability result when MINEX is used in interior paint formulations. MINEX is easily dispersed in all conventional vehicle systems, and low oil absorption permits high loadings in adhesives, sealants, and coatings.

    Multiple grades are available to provide optimal performance in a variety of applications. The selection of the most suitable MINEX grade is application dependent: coarser grades offer cost effective gloss and sheen control and can add texture; finer MINEX grades are preferred for higher gloss systems and are also the preferred choice for powder coatings and clear systems.

  • IMSIL®
    Micro-crystalline silica
    Enhanced touch-up
    Sheen control
    Chemical resistance
    Scrub resistance
    Burnish resistance
    Scratch resistance
    Low Oil Absorption enables high(er) solids formulations...

  • IMSIL® microcrystalline silica fillers are produced from an inert, naturally occurring alpha quartz with a unique grape-like morphology. Easily wetted and dispersed in either solvent or water-based systems, IMSIL is selected for its excellent tint retention, durability over prolonged exposure, and resistance to dirt and weathering.

    Interior architectural paints formulated with IMSIL® will exhibit strengthened film integrity, increased stain resistance, more uniform sheen control, and excellent “touch-up” characteristics. Low oil absorption, regardless of particle size, enables formulators to increase loading without adversely affecting critical film properties. Exterior coatings containing IMSIL will better resist weathering, chalking, and under eave frosting. When used in primers, IMSIL also provides the “tooth” necessary for better intercoat adhesion and greater durability in abrasive or corrosive environments. IMSIL has been proven effective in trade sales paints, OEM finishes, marine and industrial coatings, and potting compounds.

    Finer, micronized grades are useful in formulating higher gloss paints, and systems requiring controlled mineral top size, such as thin coatings and inks. Coarser grades offer texture, traction properties, gloss control, and abrasion resistance in coatings, grouts, sealants, and related building products.

    Airfloat Kaolin Clay
    Moisture barrier
    High aspect ratio: increased hardness and stiffness and improved resistance to abrasion and tear
    Chemical resistance
    Easy to disperse filler
    Rheology control
    Opacifier / TiO2 extension

  • SNOBRITE® white extender pigments are produced from airfloated intermediate kaolins. With a plate-like crystal structure and high aspect ratio, SNOBRITE provides good reinforcing properties, increased hardness and stiffness, and improved resistance to abrasion and tear. Its tendency to slowly build viscosity makes SNOBRITE a cost effective formulating tool to enhance performance without adversely affecting production rates.

    Selectively mined to maximize whiteness and GEB values, SNOBRITE is particularly effective in systes where color is critical. Combined with light scattering properties whcih mimic more expensive opacifiers, SNOBRITE offers functional performance in a wide range of adhesives, sealants, caulking compounds and mastics. In alkyd- and water-based coatings, tehe combination of particle shape and particle size distribution operate to imporve film properties, including surface finish, permeability, scrub resistance, and hiding power.

    Alumina Tri-hydrate
    Compatible with cationic systems for stain blocking
    Gloss retention
    Particle size distribution engineered for performance
    UV- and water spotting resistance
    Safe, regulatory-compliant...

  • PORTAFILL® A is produced from carefully selected synthetic aluminium hydroxide (ATH).

    PORTAFILL A micronized functional fillers are used in thermosetting powder coatings as an alternative to barium sulfate, when the high density is a limitation. In addition, powder coatings based on PORTAFILL A fillers are less prone to the phenomena known as “water spotting” in comparison to barium sulfate.

    The most important characteristics of PORTAFILL A are:
                                 • very good chemical inertness (outdoor and chemical applications)
                                 • high purity
                                 • high brightness

    The standardized quality of PORTAFILL A is guaranteed by means of an ISO 9001 certified quality management plan. The chemical composition of raw material and product is closely monitored and particle size kept within a narrow variation.

    Magnesium-Calcium Carbonate
    TiO2 extension
    Scrub resistance
    UV stability...

  • PORTAFILL® H is produced from carefully selected, naturally occurring, platy, sedimentary mineral, consisting predominantly of partially hydrated magnesium-calcium carbonate.

    Particle shape, fineness and high brightness make PORTAFILL H a very efficient extender for TiO2 in paint, paper and board applications. Its platy particle shape and very fine particle size make PORTAFILL H an effective rheology modifier in aqueous suspensions and other fluids. It is therefore valued for applications such as adhesives, sealants and plastisols.

    PORTAFILL H is available with a stearic acid surface treatment in order to make the surface treatment hydrophobic.

    The standardised quality of PORTAFILL H is guaranteed by means of an ISO 9001 certified quality management plan. The chemical composition of raw material and product is closely monitored and particle size kept within a narrow variation.

    Natural ground barium sulfate
    Low oil absorption
    High density
    Gloss control
    Corrosion resistance
    Colorant extension
    Low abrasiveness
    UV stability...

  • PORTARYTE® B is produced from carefully selected very white, naturally occurring, barium sulfate (barite).

    PORTARYTE B micronized functional fillers are used in a broad range of applications.

    The most important characteristics are:

                                 • excellent chemical inertness (outdoor and chemical applications)
                                 • low level of impurities, such as transition and heavy metals
                                 • low content of quartz (low abrasiveness, no health issues)

    Because of these characteristics, PORTARYTE B fillers are successfully used in an extended range of paint & coating applications such as industrial, marine and powder coatings.

    The standardized quality of PORTARYTE B is guaranteed by means of an ISO 9001 certified quality management plan. The chemical composition of raw material and product is closely monitored and particle size kept within a narrow variation.

    Whole grain silica
    Chemical resistance
    High loading

  • GRANUSIL® Mineral Fillers are produced from high purity industrial quartz sands for a wide variety of industrial and contractor mixed applications which need a reliable silica contribution or require a chemically inert structural filler. Consistently uniform grain shapes and particle size distributions offer excellent
    placement, compaction and mechanical properties. High silica content combined with low level soluble ions, alkalis and alkaline oxides provide non-reactive service in most corrosive and exposed environments.

    These durable monocrystalline structures resist abrasion in high traffic-excessive wear applications and provide the stability formulators seek in high solids emulsions, elastomerics, cemented and modified cementitious systems.

    Ground Calcium carbonate
    TiO2 extension
    Gloss control

  • HIFILL® calcium carbonate fillers and reinforcers are produced from a uniquely occurring, high brightness calcite feedstock. Available in a range of particle distributions and packing configurations HIFILL offers versatile filling options and excellent whiteness and opacity in adhesives, sealants and caulks, and cost effective performance in contractor grade trade paints and stuccos.

    With low oil absorption values, HIFILL can help maximize loading levels in either water or solvent based systems with only minimal impact upon viscosity.
    The brightness, oil absorption and hardness properties of HIFILL also produce reinforcing and performance benefits in filled PVC plastic and rubber applications.

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