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Durability testing equipment and services for coatings.

The exposure of paints and coatings comprises the single largest segment of weather durability testing, both outdoors and in laboratory artificial weathering. As such, Atlas offers the most advanced options for your durability testing of paints and coatings. Since 1915, Atlas has been the leading innovator in weather durability testing of paints and coatings. Today, we provide the broadest array of durability testing equipment and services to the coatings industry.


  • Ci4400
    The Ci4400 Weather-Ometer, a rotating rack water-cooled xenon-arc weathering testing instruments. Its large capacity and full-functional performance make this instrument the best choice for a wide variety of accelerated weathering test Methods....

  • The new Atlas Ci4400 Weather-Ometer is our most advanced instrument yet providing easy and effortless operation, unmatched uniformity, increased capacity and a sleeker design, delivering unparalleled value and performance. With its user-friendly touch screen interface and ergonomic features, the best-in-class just got even better.

    Unmatched Repeatability and Reproducibility

    Design and engineering innovations in the airflow, irradiance and control systems have dramatically reduced variability in critical test parameters. As a result, the Ci4400 achieves new levels of temperature, humidity and light exposure uniformity.


    • 6500 W water-cooled xenon arc lamp system
    • Total exposure area of 7,300 cm2 (1,130 in2)
    • 3-tier inclined specimen rack with removable sections
    • Full color 15" touch screen user interface display of all test parameters
    • Direct setting and control of irradiance: 340nm, 420nm, or 300-400nm
    • Direct setting and control of BPT/BST
    • Direct setting and control of relative humidity
    • Direct setting and control of chamber air temperature
    • Display of diagnostic messages
    • 14 factory pre-programmed test methods
    • Space for 12 custom programs; sub-cycle capability
    • Multi-language capability (Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)
    • Streaming data output via Ethernet or USB port. USB thumb drive included
    • SmartLightTM monitor verifies that correct light capsule is installed
    • Specimen and rack spray
    • Filter combinations available to meet all common test methods
    • Air intake filter
    • CS-9 xenon lamp cooling system
    • Water purity indicator with alarm
    • Test status indicator light
    • Fold-out tray to hold sample racks, logbooks, consumables, or laptop computers
    • Chamber door with lockable latch
    • Easy access to chamber for routine maintenance
    • Calibrated xenon reference lamp or Xenocal for Ci calibrator
    • Chamber viewing window in door
    • Universal electrical configurations to meet local frequency, voltage, and electrical requirements
    • Designed to meet CE, UL, ISO, EN, and CSA safety requirements
    • Automatic test countdown based on time or radiant exposure
    • VibraSonicTM Humidification System


  • UVTest
    Atlas’ UVTest is an economical instrument for fluorescent UV and condensation weathering test methods. The instrument uses UVA-340, UVB-313, or UVA-351 fluorescent bulbs for a variety of applications....

  • Atlas’ UVTest is an economical instrument for fluorescent UV and condensation weathering test methods. The instrument uses UVA-340, UVB-313, or UVA-351 fluorescent bulbs for a variety of applications. The touch screen provides simple operation and control in several languages. It has patented irradiance ports for safe calibration not offered on competitive fluorescent UV testers. Multiple units can be stacked for space considerations, and a recirculating spray option is available to reduce the amount of DI water used.

    The innovative design is a new, higher standard in terms of features, ease-of-use, accuracy and safety as compared to competitive fluorescent UV devices.

    - Proven performance matches or exceeds other brands
    - Modern touch screen interface in several languages
    - Remote ethernet data acquisition
    - Unsurpassed safety compliance
    - Recirculating spray water option
    - Plus many other exclusive user-friendly features

  • Xenotest 440
    The Xenotest 440 is a highly versatile xenon weathering instrument for a variety of materials....

  • Designed for fast and economical testing, the Xenotest 440 utilizes XenoLogic™, a revolutionary new twin-lamp operating technology which enables high irradiance levels of 120 W/m2 of total UV radiation. In addition, XenoLogic provides extended lamp service life. With this new technology, the two xenon lamps combined can last over 4000 hours under standard testing levels of 40-60 W/m2.
    The Atlas SUNTEST XXL+ is a large xenon lamp weathering and lightfastness test chamber meeting various ISO, ASTM, and ICH industry standards. Its horizontal 3000 cm2 exposure area is best-in-class for 3-D specimen testing....

  • The SUNTEST XXL+ is used to check for property changes of materials and products caused by sunlight, temperature and moisture in a short period of time. The aging which happens outdoors or indoors over months or years, such as fading, yellowing or loss of strength, can often be simulated within weeks inside a SUNTEST.
  • Ultra-Accelerated EMMA/EMMAQUA
    The UA-EMMA outdoor testing device provides approximately 10-12 years of South Florida UV radiation exposure in a single year....

  • The UA-EMMA outdoor testing device provides approximately 10-12 years of South Florida UV radiation exposure in a single year. Atlas developed this new solar concentrator technology utilizing the same cool mirror technology used in its Ultra-Accelerated Weathering System (UAWS).

    Similar in concept to Atlas' Equatorial Mount with Mirrors for Acceleration (EMMA®) technology, the ultra-accelerated EMMA device tracks the sun while concentrating reflected sunlight on test specimens mounted in a target area. The difference however, lies in the new patented mirror system used in the UA-EMMA which has very high reflectance in the UV and near visible wavelength ranges while attenuating reflectance in the longer wavelength visible and IR portions of the solar spectrum. This leading-edge technology allows for very high concentrations of UV energy without excessive heating of test samples.

    In addition, Atlas also offers Ultra-Accelerated EMMAQUA (UA-EMMAQUA) testing. This premium outdoor weathering device has the capabilities of the UA-EMMA with an added spray feature as found in our trademark EMMAQUA®system.

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