Aroa Biosurgery

San Diego,  CA 
United States
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AROA is unlocking regenerative healing for everybody

AROA ECM™ is a proprietary extracellular matrix (ECM) biomaterial containing a rich and complex mix of biological molecules that is the building block for our range of soft tissue repair products.

AROA ECM is manufactured from the ovine (sheep) forestomach tissue, sourced exclusively from New Zealand pasture-raised animals. The source tissue is minimally processed to separate tissue layers and decellularize the tissue ECM. The resulting bioscaffold technology has the structure, composition and function of the ECM that is found in all our soft tissues.

AROA ECM contains more than 150 ECM proteins that are known to be important in the healing process including structural proteins, adhesion proteins, proteoglycans, growth factors and basement membrane. Components in the AROA ECM are also shown to attract stem cells.

AROA ECM also contains residual vascular channels, that facilitate the rapid establishment of a dense capillary network by supporting migrating endothelial cells to establish new vasculature and a robust blood supply to help build new tissue.

Brands: Myriad Matrix: Soft tissue bioscaffold for complex wounds/reconstruction, Myriad Morcells: Morcellized format of Myriad Matrix, Endoform: Restorative bioscaffold for management of acute/chronic wounds