Maxcess Health

Huntington Beach,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1430

Are you a robotic surgeon? 

Interested in the concept of performing surgery remotely (telesurgery)? 

Maxcess Health is an early-stage company created to enable and orchestrate remote robotic surgery. Remote surgery allows the robotic surgeon to perform surgery safely––with complete control of the instrumentation and surgical system––from hundreds to thousands of miles away from your patient and the operating room. Performing surgery remotely is an exciting new frontier for surgeons looking to extend their reach and offer broad access to high-quality surgical care. 

We are looking for feedback on what requirements are needed in the technology to give the surgeon total trust and visibility throughout the surgical care journey––elements that give you the confidence to perform surgery at a distance. Whether a casual conversation or a walkthrough of our demo, we would value hearing your thoughts. 

Please stop by our meeting space (#1430) or email to schedule a time to connect after ACS.