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Our cloud-based clinical documentation solutions connect workflows for efficient and accurate speech recognition, medical transcription, CDI, and coding. We facilitate physician-patient relationships by making it easy for doctors to capture the patient story at the point of care.  


  • Fluency Direct™
    ccurately capture the complete patient narrative directly in your EHR, improve the quality of clinical documentation and patient care, and optimize the physician experience....

  • Top ranking front-end speech recognition solution that works with over 150 EHRs, from any location and with multiple devices – all driven by a single, cloud-hosted voice profile. Clinicians of any medical specialty can verbally create, edit and sign reports directly in the EHR for faster and better documentation. Fluency Direct's Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) feature delivers in-workflow CDI insights to clinicians in real time.
  • Transcription Services
    Our technology-enabled transcription services assure delivery of high quality documentation to your facility....

  • Our transcription services aim to improve the transcription process and fine-tune clinical operations and workflows. You can choose between internal transcription, outsourced domestic/global transcription, or a combination of the two.
  • Fluency for Transcription™
    Quality-focused transcription technology that optimizes any transcription labor source.<br />Contact sales...

  • Challenged with increasing documentation requirements, more stringent compliance requirements, and lower reimbursements, healthcare providers are pressed to find solutions that extend beyond transcription. M*Modal Fluency for Transcription with integrated speech recognition optimizes clinical documentation workflows, speeds up the revenue cycle, helps achieve HIPAA and regulatory compliance, and helps meet Meaningful Use and EHR requirements, all while providing physicians flexible options to create clinical documentation.
  • Fluency Flex™
    Desktop-based application that maximizes physician productivity, while producing high quality clinical documentation....

  • Fluency Flex is a versatile tool that enables physicians to create high quality documentation efficiently and cost effectively utilizing M*Modal Speech Understanding and Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) technologies and other labor saving document generation features.
  • Fluency Mobile™
    Full featured mobile medical dictation app for health care providers who want to create high quality documentation on the go....

  • Fluency Mobile gives physicians complete freedom and choices when it comes to dictating clinical notes: traditional transcription, back-end speech recognition or front-end speech recognition. With intuitive user interface and ability to dictate on the go, physicians can be more productive and keep up with all their clinical documentation needs.
  • CDI Collaborate™
    Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this robust CDI workflow management solution automates the query process, standardizes CDI practices and leverages in-depth clinical insights to improve patient care and documentation quality....

  • An advanced workflow management solution with efficiency-enhancing functionality for CDI specialists that includes automated worklists, summarized evidence of clinical evidence and enterprise-wide reporting capabilities. Extend your CDI coverage to 100% of your charts, all payers and all care settings by leveraging our proprietary natural language understanding technology.
  • CDI Engage™
    Changing the CDI paradigm with real-time AI-powered, automated and in-workflow clinical intelligence delivered to clinicians as they document in their EHR for continuous improvement in patient care, physician satisfaction and documentation quality....

  • Revolutionary solution utilizing Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) technology to combine document creation, CDI and ICD-10 education into a cohesive, physician-friendly workflow for continuous improvement in the quality of clinical documentation and patient care – all while supporting clinician workflows and productivity.
  • CDI Services
    M*Modal supports its technology-driven CDI solutions and augments your CDI team’s performance with experienced consultants who are credentialed CDI Specialists and seasoned HIM professionals....

  • Our technology-driven CDI solutions are supported by experienced consultants, who are credentialed CDI specialists and seasoned HIM professionals, to augment your CDI team’s performance, improve physician documentation and optimize workflows.
  • Fluency for Coding™
    Fluency for Coding is a cloud-based, enterprise medical coding platform focusing on workflow as the foundation to drive medical coding productivity and quality....

  • Fluency for Coding is a cloud-based, enterprise coding platform focusing on efficient workflows as the foundation that drives coding productivity and quality. Features such as computer-assisted coding (CAC) with Fluency Reveal (NLU/CAC), Fluency Coding Bridge, and integration with M*Modal's CDI Collaborate leveraging our natural language understanding technology, extend the workflow capabilities, enhancing efficiency and precision. Tools such as our Fluency Audit Tool and Fluency E&M Calibrate improve quality and accuracy.
  • Coding Services
    We help organizations meet their revenue cycle and workforce management goals through technology-enabled services: our dedicated experts and top-of-the-line coding technology suite....

  • We employ highly experienced, credentialed coders for remote medical coding support, outsourced medical coding, and auditing services. We can also provide AHIMA-credentialed HIM professionals for your interim HIM management needs. When you partner with M*Modal, we help you meet your revenue cycle and workforce management goals through technology-enabled services: our dedicated experts and top-of-the-line coding technology suite. This translates to fast ramp up of services and streamlined workflow for exceptional performance.
  • HCC Management
    Patient-focused and quality-centric HCC management solutions help risk-bearing healthcare organizations proactively meet the challenges of the HCC model by accurately capturing the appropriate severity of illness and Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores....

  • Our comprehensive, AI-powered HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) Management solution suite brings care management of patient populations and risk-adjustment performance to the next level. To enable doctors and auditors to easily find and close gaps at the point of care, our risk-adjustment solutions pre-identify HCCs that need to be captured in the current year for a scheduled patient visit. Our solutions enable revenue cycle managers to gain transparency into population RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) scores and gaps that are otherwise hard to identify.
  • Medical Scribing Services
    A platform that brings together the best of the EHR and M*Modal’s suite of technologies to improve clinical documentation so clinicians can focus on their most important duty, providing quality care to their patients....

  • We have developed a technology and Medical Scribe solution platform that leverages the best of the EHR and M*Modal’s suite of technologies to improve clinical documentation and patient satisfaction. To alleviate the increase in documentation requirements on the clinic end-user, our team provides a virtual scribe that improves EHR engagement while humanizing the focus on patient care.
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