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Welcome to the Office of Technology Transitions at DOE!

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is one of the most innovative research and technology agencies in government today. The Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) works non-stop to ensure groundbreaking scientific discoveries achieve their maximum return and impact. OTT works aggressively with our partners in states, industry, universities, small businesses, and other federal agencies. 

OTT is the front door to DOE’s products, facilities, and expertise. The office integrates emergent trends and market indicators into its planning to ensure it delivers the greatest value to the taxpayer.

OTT serves as the central hub for the technology transfer activities of DOE’s 17 National Laboratories and many of its facilities—spokes in a sophisticated, multi-billion-dollar R&D enterpris.. We constantly look for ways for DOE and our partners to out-innovate, out-hustle, and keep our incredible technological complex at the forefront of scientific discovery.

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Introduction to DOE OTT


  • Lab Partnering Service
    OTT's Lab Partnering Service (LPS) connects investors to preeminent experts, competitive technology, world-class facilities, and streamlined partnering opportunities at DOE's National Laboratories.

  • LPS is a free online resource providing intuitive and multifaceted search capabilities across numerous technology areas within the DOE portfolio.

    Expert Search: Connect with any of the 237 leading technology experts at the DOE’s National Laboratories by using LPS’s easily searchable directory.

    Technical Summaries: Discover the breadth and depth of available technologies and partnering opportunities spanning the DOE network by exploring LPS’s archive of over 1,300 technology summaries.

    Visual Patent Search: Discover unrealized technology and partnering opportunities by leveraging LPS’s visually-intuitive layout to effortlessly navigate 40,000 patents and applications.

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