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Watch the recording of the presentation in the Hub where Roel Van De Velde, Director A&D, introduced ESTECO MDO (Multidisciplinary Design Optimization) technology and explained the benefits of migrating from a traditional desktop approach to a modern server based approach. 

ESTECO is an independent software provider, highly specialized in numerical optimization and simulation data management. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Italy, with offices in the US, India and an international network of channel partners. With over 20 years’ experience, the company supports leading organizations in designing the products of the future, today. Over 300 international ­­­­organizations have chosen ESTECO to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and boost product development across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Our technology brings modularity, ease of use, standardization, and innovation to the engineering design process.

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VOLTA server based collaborative MDO framework
ESTECO Technologies - Optimization Driven Design


  • modeFRONTIER
    The complete solution for process automation and optimization in the engineering design process.

  • The comprehensive desktop solution for simulation process integration, automation and optimization in the engineering design process, modeFRONTIER is key to reducing complexity, improving efficiency and cutting development time.

    modeFRONTIER guarantees the management of all logical steps of an engineering design process.

    The workflow formalization and the integration with third party tools enable the automation of the simulation process.
    A suite of design of experiments, response surface modeling and optimization algorithms drive the search for optimal solutions.
    Picking the right design gets easier with a set of advanced tools for data analysis and visualization and decision making.

    modeFRONTIER improves product performance, quality and reliability while reducing time-to-market costs.

    A web platform for multidisciplinary business process optimization and the management of enterprise simulation data. VOLTA brings people, processes and technology together....

  • VOLTA is ESTECO's collaborative web platform for SPDM and design optimization. It helps redefine product development and embrace digital transformation.

    The server based VOLTA platform simplifies the product development process. It enables teams to connect anytime and anywhere to the design projects through an easy-to-use collaborative web interface. Simulation experts can create and automate the logical steps of the simulation process from a single workflow. Design engineers can then execute and reuse the workflow models. On top, they can apply intelligent algorithms to explore the design space and find the optimal solutions in less time.

    The design exploration and optimization studies produce massive amounts of data. State-of-the-art web-based analytics and visualization tools enable data analysts to handle such information volumes effectively and turn them into valuable insights.
    Decision makers can then access product performance metrics to quickly compare the effectiveness of the optimization strategy and decide on design solutions.
    Many teams can simultaneously work on VOLTA and execute many simulations. This may take hundreds or thousands of runs and a huge amount of computational load. Exploiting distributed execution, VOLTA allows to manage local and remote computer resources and run simulation processes in
    parallel. This results in a reduction of the lead time and a maximization of the IT investment.

  • VOLTA in action with Pacelab APD
    See VOLTA in action as a server based collaborative MDO framework in this video...


    ESTECO and TXT company PACE hosted a joint webinar on 10 June 2020, demonstrating the added value of combining their technologies for a server-based optimization of an EXPEDITE (EXPanded MDO for Effectiveness Based DesIgn TEchnologies) derived preliminary aircraft design.

    Taking an EXPEDITE-like modern aircraft conceptual design as a baseline, the webinar initially showcased the advantages of creating a smart, reconfigurable aircraft model with PACE's preliminary aircraft design platform Pacelab APD and integrating it in modeFRONTIER parametric optimization to identify the optimum solutions, based on constraints and performance requirements.

    Engineers at ESTECO and PACE also conducted a live demo using VOLTA web collaborative platform for MDO. This scales up simulation to a broader audience (domain expert, chief engineer, manager to name a few), enabling, for instance, an expert to quickly set up or modify the aircraft design model and then run an optimization that can be accessed online by a colleague or manager in a different geographic location for further processing or iteration with the expert, all version controlled from a single repository.

    Watch this video and learn more about how to implement this methodology in an international context, consisting of distributed teams and the extended enterprise.

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