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Bluefors manufactures ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems and has a strong focus on the fields of quantum and nanotechnology. We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable and easy-to-operate systems on the market. The quality of our products in combination with our scalable production capabilities, has made the quantum technology industry recognize us as their preferred choice for their ultra-low temperature requirements. We offer a variety of base models and to further meet the specific needs of each customer these can be equipped with a wide range of options. For example, experimental wiring, optical access and magnet integration. Below are some examples of our systems and their key features. The Bluefors XLD has been designed with the quest of the scalable quantum computer in mind. The unique wiring and cooler capabilities of the XLD system provide an excellent platform for industrial-scale implementation. Our re-launched SD system is an ideal system for fast turn-around experiments. In addition, it has a minimum foot-print, which makes it a flexible tool in locations where saving space is important. The Bluefors truly horizontal LH system is designed to operate horizontally or under different tilt angles. These features are important for beam-line and moving telescope applications. Furthermore, our systems can be customized to meet the special requirements of each experiment and we strive for a transparent company structure allowing the customer to get in direct contact with the scientists and engineers that design their system. Bluefors – Cool for Progress.