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RDE Systems, maker of the eCOMPAS® and e2® suite of software products, has been serving public health for over thirty years. We are proud that RDE has grown only by referrals, and not through marketing and advertising. Our business philosophy is simple, yet refreshingly uncommon in the industry: “If you do good things for good people, good things happen.” We are focused on the long-term interests of our clients, our commitment to Ending the HIV Epidemic, and serving those who serve People Living With or at Risk for HIV/AIDS.


Thank You Public Health Warriors


  • e2Genie
    Use the magic of RDE to build and evolve your dream system today with e2Genie. It's an interactive way to view some of the most cutting-edge modules, features, and power-ups available to everyone in the eCOMPAS National Network....

  • Use this innovative technology to help reduce administrative burden, connect people in a socially distant world, and use data to make a difference in Ending the Epidemic.

    Meet e2Genie, a member of the e2DataHeroes.  e2Genie is just that hero when it comes to data and teach to end the epidemic.  e2Genie.com enables you to browse the most innovative modules of the eCOMPAS platform.

    The best data management platform for those who care.
    eCOMPAS is a user-friendly data management system whose features have helped users nationwide reduce administrative burden while improving client care....

  • eCOMPAS ® (Electronic Comprehensive Outcomes Measurement Program for Accountability and Success) is the most powerful and affordable solution for data management, contract management, quality improvement, client outreach, and client satisfaction for Ryan White, HOPWA, and HIV Prevention programs. See it for yourself, and see what others are saying about it.

    eCOMPAS is completely web-based, and customized to your needs. This means no downloads or versions to keep track of, and changes are visible instantly.

    Because eCOMPAS is readily customizable, you can build your dream system using existing features modified to your specifications, or suggest a feature of your own and we will create it.

    eCOMPAS was the third system in the nation to submit XML data electronically to the HRSA EHB, and is fully compatible with HRSA’s client-level data requirements, RSR, and Clinical Performance Indicators.


    Contract Management

    Manage Multi-contract Systems
    Unit Cost Service utilization and fiscal reports
    See what’s over under budget, in real time
    Improve coordination of service delivery

    Quality & Outcomes Management

    Perform dynamic charting of indicators
    Identify trends in real-time
    Generate graphical demographics reports with real-time data
    Better understand populations and sub-populations

    Federal Reporting

    eCOMPAS is RSR-Ready
    Visual and Interactive RSR

    Generates ADR, CAPER, APR and CDC reporting automatically
    Automated Data Validation Engine Built-in QM features help ensure data quality and completeness
    Easily export data to HRSA, HUD, CDC and other funding sources

    Client Satisfaction Module

    Collect client satisfaction surveys online
    Deliver real-time feedback in graphical format
    Drilldown for gap analysis
    Multi-level security and encryption to protect sensitive clien

  • e2EHE
    As you continue your plans to End the HIV Epidemic, amid challenges with the COVID-19 Pandemic, consider upgrading your technology to strategically use data to guide your efforts, while reducing administrative burdens on your staff and subrecipients....

  • The tools shown below can empower you to do more with less, and put your data to work, to improve client care, monitor health outcomes, and reduce health disparities among fragile communities.  RDE Systems recently hosted a webinar on using technology to leverage data, to End the HIV Epidemic.

    The Five Pillars of Ending the HIV Epidemic

    In our commitment to supporting your efforts to End the HIV Epidemic, RDE Systems has added a fifth pillar to the four pillars on which the US Department of Health and Human Services is basing its initiative: Using technology tools to more efficiently manage and utilize data, to Reduce Administrative Burden and save staff time, so more time and resources can be devoted to client care.



    Our innovative technologies empower you to provide the best care to those who need it most.

    Diagram demostrating linkage of Reducing transmission of HIV to viral supression to intensive data-to-cate models


    Our suite of e2 Quality Management tools includes the e2 Visual Care Continuum Report and Dashboard, the e2Visual HAB Performance Measures Report, the eCOMPAS Data Quality Report, and eCOMPAS Quality Management Alerts and Reminders. These tools will enable you to:

    • Gain access to real-time actionable, aggregated data..
    • Improve data quality and reduce errors with built-in validations and data quality checks.
    • Reduce double data entry, freeing up resources for client engagement and care.
    • Measure quantifiable improvements on viral suppression and retention in care.
    • Reduce health disparities through e2QM's special populations filtering and other features.
    • Use QM alerts and reminders to proactively direct resources to clients and community needs.

    If you're already using an EMR, these tools are interoperable with other commercially available EHR software and CAREWare.

    Diagnose  National Resource Guide Map

    e2Prevention HIV Testing Module

    Our e2Prevention HIV Testing Module lets you collect and monitor client information, HIV test data, client acuity, risk factors and other data in a single system, integrating all the data necessary for management of an effective HIV testing program.

    The e2Prevention HIV Testing Module can be integrated with other eCOMPAS systems, allowing you to store of HIV testing results directly within your e2Prevention or eCOMPAS HIV Data system, without the need for external platforms. If you're already using an EMR, the HIV Testing Module is interoperable with other commercially available EHR software and CAREWare. Alternatively the HIV Testing Module can function as a stand-alone system, for use by HIV testing programs.


    Identify and monitor areas where the HIV outbreak is most severe, and easily link people that are most in need of care to services in their area.

    National Resource Guide Map

    e2 Hotspot Tracker

    The Hotspot Tracker helps provide insight on the geographic movement and concentration of infectious disease diagnoses (like COVID-19 and HIV), and empowers healthcare providers and emergency responders to deploy resources and deliver care where they are needed most.

    • Identify areas where the outbreak is most severe.
    • Monitor the virus's spread in real-time.
    • Mobilize response efforts more effectively.

    Once you know where the hotspots are, you can direct community members to resources using our free Online Resource Guide. It's an interactive map that helps link people to the services and care they need.


    Our HIV Prevention tools support the seamless management of HIV Prevention Programs, and promote PrEP uptake and improve PrEP adherence.

    Diagram demostrating linkage of Reducing transmission of HIV to viral supression to intensive data-to-cate models

    e2PrEP Mobile App

    The e2 PrEP Mobile App is an Innovative PrEP Adherence Application, that supports your efforts to protect people at risk of acquiring HIV. The e2PrEP Mobile App helps you encourage testing, promote adherence to PrEP and antiretroviral medications, and integrate information to make changes that improve all of our efforts to End the Epidemic.

    • Measure and promote PrEP uptake and adherence.
    • Encourage personalized client engagement.
    • Connect clients to their counselors, navigators, and medical professionals.


    e2Prevention is a comprehensive, integrated HIV Prevention system that provides solutions for:

    • PrEP and linkage to the client-facing e2PrEP App
    • HIV Testing
    • Drug User Health
    • Needle Exchange
    • Naloxone Distribution & Training
    • Effective Behavioral Interventions

  • e2Community
    Powerful and easy to use client surveying and response reporting...

  • The eCOMPAS Community Platform is a powerful, HIPAA-compliant tool for community outreach, and has been used to develop Client Needs Assessment surveys, Client Satisfaction Surveys, on-line training programs for HIV Planning Councils, on-line resource guides, and other community-oriented tools for Ryan White recipients around the nation.

    Data collection surveys are presented in an electronic format, which can be accessed via any device with internet access, including desktop computers, agency terminals, smart phones and other mobile devices.

    The survey platform has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, and the surveys can be implemented in multiple languages. A multi-lingual audio component is available, featuring audio playback of survey questions, answers, and text in a choice of languages. These features make eCOMPAS Needs Assessment and Client Satisfaction Surveys accessible to clients with diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds, and all levels of computer literacy, health literacy and physical ability.

    Because e2Community is endlessly customizable, you can build your dream system using existing features modified to your specifications, or suggest a feature of your own and we will create it.


    Real-Time Data

    No need for upload of data from sites, client response data available as responses are submitted. No need to wait for completion of survey wave to begin response analysis.

    Powerful Reporting Features

    Client response data viewable in graph & chart formats with customizable filtering & break-down options. Survey wave progress reports are available at the click of a button.


    Clients can respond to surveys hosted on the e2Community platform via desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

    e2Community supports multiple languages per survey, as well as voice-over question & answer playback to assist low-literacy populations.

    Ease of Use & Administration

    Initial survey data entry can be completed by RDE staff, allowing you to focus on your clients. Incentive management can be performed completely within e2Community.

  • e2MyHealth
    Your health. Simplified....

  • e2MyHealth, a Patient Portal Design Challenge award-winner, is a web-based, ongoing personal health record for medical appointments, diagnoses, prescriptions, recommendations, and any other data useful for tracking one’s medical history. Patients can securely access their health information from any device at any time. With e2MyHealth, patients’ records are always available to their doctors without requesting records each time they see a new doctor or specialist. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, e2MyHealth can be used by anyone, regardless of health literacy or technical skill.

    Features of e2MyHealth

    • Secure Patient Access.  e2MyHealth is securely accessible via any device connected to the internet, including smart phones.  Clients can register for an account directly through e2MyHealth, utilizing a secure access code provided by recipient or subrecipient staff. As part of the registration process, basic demographic information on the patient will be collected. Client accounts are secured, so that only the individual client and authorized recipient or subrecipient staff will have access to the patient’s information.
    • Client Application for Services, Enrollment and Eligibility Certification/Recertification.  Clients have the ability to submit applications for services and submit information and documentation needed for eligibility determinations and recertifications.  All data and documentation submitted via e2MyHealth will be entered into the client’s record in eCOMPAS. Validations, prompts and reminders are implemented guide clients through the registration process, and ensure data quality and completeness.
    • Secure Document Uploader and Tracker.  A secure document upload feature enables clients to submit required documents, medical data and other information.
    • Medication Reminders and Appointment Reminders.  Text message reminders for taking medications are sent to the client’s mobile device.  Text message reminders for labs and medical appointments can also be sent via e2MyHealth.
    • Prescription Services.  Clients will be able to communicate with recipient or subrecipient staff regarding requests for prescriptions.  e2MyHealth can be configured and linked to pharmacy resources to manage filling, delivery and delivery tracking for prescriptions, and billing for prescriptions.
    • Patient Self-reporting and Gamification.  Patients have the ability to report taking medications and attendance at medical appointments, and will receive affirming messages and virtual prizes for successful adherence.  A client’s self-reported data will be entered into the client’s record in eCOMPAS and used to track adherence.
    • Secure Messaging.  Clients and recipient or subrecipient staff will be able to communicate in real-time, using a secure messaging feature. 
    • Links to Resources.  Links to other resources are provided, giving clients access to information about services provided by the recipient, clinic locations, and educational materials relating to HIV Prevention and treatment.
    • Administrative Features.  Administrative features will enable recipient or subrecipient administrators to create and manage accounts for staff, and will enable staff to create and manage accounts for client users, with roles and permissions implemented to protect confidential client data.
    • Access to Data for Adherence Tracking, Alerts and Reminders, and QM for Recipient and Subrecipient Staff.  Client-entered data, including data on compliance with the medication regimens, will be entered into eCOMPAS, and will be available to recipient and subrecipient staff for analysis, utilizing the reporting and data analysis features of eCOMPAS, including Visual Analytics and the HAB Measures report.  Case managers will receive Alerts and Reminders where client-entered data indicates that a client is not adherent to a medication regimen or is in danger of falling out of care.
    • Client Satisfaction Survey Linkage. Clients can receive a link to take a brief client satisfaction survey after services have been entered into eCOMPAS. Data from these surveys can be used to monitor and improve the services your clients receive.
  • e2Learning
    Planning Council & Staff Training from Home....

  • Streamline your staff training programs with e2Learning. Allow your staff to complete required training from their own devices and on their own time. Training content, quizzes, and completion certificates are all delivered directly to your staffs’ digital devices. This asynchronous learning style is particularly well-adapted for staff training while maintaining social distancing requirements. Powerful reporting options allow you to track training progress in real time, and public sign-up options help limit administrative burden.
  • e2Prevention
    Prevent HIV transmission within at-risk populations

  • e2Prevention is a complete, integrated system for the collection, management and analysis of data for Prevention, PrEP and Drug User Health (DUH) programs. Patient PrEP data collected includes data on risk screening and PrEP eligibility, adherence to PrEP medication, encounters, acuity assessments, referrals, and attendance at scheduled medical visits (including labs). Data collection and management features also monitor and maintain drug user health, syringe service programs, effective behavioral intervention services (EBIs) at both the community level (CLIs) and the individual level. Naloxone distribution programs are also supported.

    • Improve data quality and reduce errors with built-in validations and data quality checks.
    • Reduce double data entry, freeing up resources for client engagement and care.
    • Reduce health disparities through e2QM’s special populations filtering and other features.
    • Strengthen grant writing and funding acquisition through improved data completeness and integrity, as well as grant writing assistance from the software provider.
    • Respond rapidly to emerging community needs, empowered by real-time actionable data.
    • Minimize the time between reporting on and acting on data with real-time, graphical reports that can be exported to PDF and Excel to share with stakeholders.
    • Serve as a role model for the strategic use of QM data to help End the Epidemic, and illustrate the need to exceed goals and objectives.
    • Ensure data completeness and integrity with report drilldowns that take you directly to the client record.


    Agency Access and User Access: PrEP Navigation, Drug User Health, and EBI programs are located on separate tabs within the client record. Access to each program is dependent of the agency having a contract to provide services for that program. User access for case managers, PrEP Navigators, and medical personnel is governed by roles and permissions within each agency. Roles and permissions are also established for access by Department of Health staff.

    e2Prevention PrEP Navigation: Users with appropriate roles and permissions can enter and view data relating to PrEP enrollment, utilizing an enrollment form. Client acuity assessment is performed with a questionnaire, which calculates and displays an acuity score for each section and a total for the questionnaire, enables users to view and select recommendations from a list, and allows users to view previously submitted acuity assessments. PrEP navigation also includes screens showing PrEP withdrawal, including date of withdrawal, HIV status, and whether the client was withdrawn by a clinician or by him/herself; Client PrEP risk assessment and eligibility screening records, including date of initial visit, services received, and creation of new risk assessment and eligibility screening records; PrEP encounter records, including encounter date, encounter type, and goal and outcome of the encounter; PrEP medical visit records, including visit date, whether the patient is a candidate for PrEP, is interested in PrEP, and received a prescription for PrEP, and date of the next clinical appointment; PrEP medication assistance, including data on the application or referral for assistance, the medication assistance program, eligibility, start date and expiration date; and non-PrEP referrals, including the referral type, agency referred to and date of the scheduled appointment. All these screens include tables which display data in in sortable, searchable columns.

    e2Prevention PrEP Cascade:  The e2Prevention PrEP Cascade displays the entire PrEP care continuum in clear, easy-to-understand graphical format, and enables users to identify which clients have fallen into the gaps at each stage in the continuum. The following stages of the continuum are shown in the e2Prevention PrEP Cascade:

    • Total: the entirety of the client pool.
    • Vulnerable: clients that have found to have one or more HIV risk factors.
    • Interested: clients that have expressed interest in beginning pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment.
    • Linked: clients that have been referred to and linked to PrEP medical care.
    • Initiated: clients that have begun taking PrEP.
    • Retained: clients that have been attending all required appointments and medical visits related to PrEP medical care.
    • Adherence: clients that have been reported to be taking their PrEP medication as prescribed.

    Aggregate client counts, as well as client counts broken down by HIV prevention program, will be shown in tables, along with a count of those clients that have been identified to have fallen into the gaps from one step to the next. Clicking on any client count will display a list of clients, allowing you to easily identify clients that need care.

    e2Prevention HIV Testing:  e2Prevention allows storage of HIV Testing results directly within the system, without the need for external platforms. e2Prevention allows users to capture and view the following HIV Testing information:

    • Testing session
    • Program announcement
    • Agency and testing site information
    • Client information, whether the client has had an HIV test previously
    • Final test information
    • Additional co-infection test results
    • The client’s level of PrEP awareness and use
    • Potential HIV risk factors
    • Essential support services screening results

    All data will be displayed in tables, with data shown in sortable, searchable columns.

    e2Prevention Drug User Health Management:  DUH data can only be accessed by users from the agency that entered the data, and by authorized Department of Health staff.

  • e2PrEP
    Want to encourage testing, promote adherence, and leverage data? Use our mobile-friendly technology to help protect those at risk of acquiring HIV....

  • The e2 PrEP Mobile App is an Innovative PrEP Adherence Application, that supports your efforts to protect people at risk of acquiring HIV. The e2PrEP Mobile App helps you encourage testing, promote adherence to PrEP and antiretroviral medications, and integrate information to make changes that improve all of our efforts to End the Epidemic.

    • Measure and promote PrEP uptake and adherence.
    • Encourage personalized client engagement.
    • Connect clients to their counselors, navigators, and medical professionals.

  • e2 Hotspot Tracker
    Visually track outbreaks of HIV diagnoses...

  • The e2Hotspot Tracker was originally created to monitor and address HIV outbreaks in hard-hit area, to provide actionable, real-time data to support immediate response.

    The Hotspot Tracker can also help provide insight on the geographic movement and concentration of COVID-19 diagnoses, and empower healthcare providers and emergency responders to deploy resources and deliver care where they are most needed.

    Let us show you how this innovation in HIV/AIDS information technology can help you:

    • Identify areas where the outbreak is most severe.
    • Monitor the virus's spread in real-time.
    • Mobilize response efforts more effectively.

    This powerful tool can be used to gain insight on the areas with the highest rates of diagnoses - and allow healthcare providers to deliver care to where it's needed the most.


    Track outbreaks - when and where they occur

    Easily track outbreaks when and where they occur, with a user-friendly and modern interface, and easily see how those areas have changed over time.

    Hotspots shown on a map of Tampa

    Visual Analytics

    View hotspot data broken down by demographics, to allow you to better understand your client population and deliver care more effectively.

    A hotspot map and graphs display data broken down by confirmed/unconfirmed linkages and demographics

    Client-level drilldowns

    Easily see which new infections have been reported, whether those clients have been linked to care or not, and deliver care to them with a simple click.

    A list of clients that are linked to the hotspot shown on the map

    Notification System

    Get alerts on increases in diagnoses occuring in your monitored areas and reminders on upcoming tasks.

    A menu showing alerts and reminders

    Built-in messaging service

    Coordinate delivery of care and outbreak response easily with other members of your agency using the highest level of encryption and security.

    Messaging inbox

  • RDE Red Suite
    Free and Innovative Resources to End the HIV Epidemic...

  • Data and technology can have a profound impact in health outcomes and social determinants. Use these free RDE Red resources to engage, connect, and empower your communities.

    RDE has long served the HIV/AIDS community and has chosen to support those who prevent, care for, treat, serve, and house people living with HIV/AIDS through charitable giving whether in-kind, discounts, voluntarism, community service, financial support, and free resources. As global citizens, we believe in supporting valuable and noble causes that help lift up humanity as we are able to through the patronage of long-term partners who benefit from our work and who believe in our vision and approach of using data and technology to make significant, lasting positive impact on the world.

    RDE Red currently contains four main resources to help end the HIV/Aids epidemic.

    1. Online Resource Guide – www.e-compas.com/nrg

    • The e2 Online Resource Guide is an interactive web and mobile mapping tool easily managed by you to help those at risk, PLWH, and case managers better connect to care and services.

    2. e2Polls Red – www.e2Polls.com/Red

    • e2Polls Red makes your QM meetings, community focus groups, and all group interactions more engaging, data-driven, and memorable.

    3. Online HUD Tenant Subsidy Calculator – www.FreeRentCalculator.com  

    • The Rent Calculator, pioneered in New York City, is a user-friendly online tool built to save your housing case managers time and mistakes by calculating complex HUD client rent contributions with a click.

    4. e2DataHeroes - www.e2DataHeroes.com/

    • Volunteer to be someone’s Hero, request another Hero’s assistance, or share your gratitude towards a colleague you care about with a free e-card at www.e2DataHeroes.com
    • Dissemination was the #1 listed goal from our interactive poll together:
    • See free slides and resources on learning from successful data initiatives at this dissemination page from the HRSA Ryan White Conference, or the more recent LatinX dissemination page from the LatinX conference in San Antonio.
    • Folks can request a more in-depth and interactive webinars on dissemination for staff or agencies on any of the topics discussed.

    5. RDE's Grant Writing Support - www.rde.org/solutions/grant-writing

    • RDE supports our partners in obtaining additional funding for capacity development, technology enhancements, and easing administrative burdens by providing grant writing assistance from in-house experts.
    • We have extensive experience in writing grants submitted to Federal funding agencies including HRSA SPNS, Part C Capacity Development, and Part A Capacity Building, CDC, NIH, HHS Office of Population Affairs, HOPWA, State Department KPIF (Key Populations Investment Fund) and others. With an excellent track record in obtaining awards of funding, RDE grant writing support has helped bring in over $15 Million to our clients and their programs in recent years.
    • RDE’s Grant Writing Support can be available under RDE Red. Contact us to help strengthen your vision and help you acquire the resources you need to make a difference.

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