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Keep roads clear of ice & snow with Vaisala solutions

From Critical Sensors to Complete Road Weather Systems - Vaisala Helps You Weather The Storm

You face more year-round challenges than ever before, but still need to keep your road network safe and available. Count on Vaisala’s exclusive combination of hardware, software and services to provide you with the information required to make data-driven, real-time decisions.

Vaisala solutions help you:

Keep roads clear of ice and snow:   Plan, mobilize, treat and monitor the effectiveness of your winter maintenance actions. With Vaisala RoadDSS, today’s most accurate end-to-end decision support solution, you can:

  • Ensure safe transport by analyzing past, present and future road weather data.
  • Monitor road usage and condition to prioritize maintenance for maximum efficiency.
  • Limit road treatment to areas only when and where it is needed.

Prioritize your budget:    Perform timely and well-targeted road repairs by automatically identifying and assessing issues and assets on your road network. With Vaisala’s AI-powered collection and analysis of road data, you can act up to 4x faster — and at lower costs — than traditional methods. Extend the life span of your assets while improving both efficiency and safety.

Maximize road capacity and journey planning:  Control traffic flow and speed to minimize rapid acceleration/deceleration in areas with heavy traffic. Complement your decision-making with Vaisala's expert application know-how and accurate, reliable weather and air quality data.

This reliable road weather data also extends to the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) industry as well as automobile industry infotainment suppliers, fleet operators and other mobile app providers.

From sensors to complete systems — Vaisala has you covered.

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Vaisala RoadAI

 Show Specials

  • (May 09, 2019)

    Visit Vaisala, booth 935, and learn about our newest sensor, being announced at APWA 2019.  We’ll be conducting demos and we think you’ll agree it’s a game changer for winter maintenance professionals.


  • RWS200 Road Weather Station
    The RWS200 is intelligently designed to keep all paired sensors running reliably. It provides the flexibility to deploy a variety of sensors to ensure you have the accurate road state information you need to make the right road maintenance decisions....

  • The RWS200 runs advanced, proprietary algorithms to combine information from multiple sensors and validates the data to provide the most accurate picture of current road states possible. That means improved decision-making, reduced maintenance costs and heightened driver safety. Battery backup allows the RWS200 to keep working — even in the event of network disconnections.

    It is designed to automatically provide information on the status and maintenance requirements of both the unit itself and the sensors deployed with it, ensuring timely, cost-effective servicing. The station can be remotely debugged and reset either as a whole or sensor by sensor, boosting overall system uptime. It is fully weatherproof and features integrated lightning protection, ensuring reliable operation for years after installation.

    The RWS200 is built to last up to 20 years and with flexibility in mind, so you can upgrade and expand the sensors you deploy as your needs change.

  • Vaisala Sensor Suite
    There is a Vaisala sensor for almost every need. They perform in every environment - from extreme cold to sweltering, high-humidity conditions. Vaisala has twice been selected by NASA to place sensors on Mars Rover projects....

  • Vaisala sensors are used by thousands of customers, on their own and paired with Vaisala weather stations. They’re weatherproof and their self-diagnostics minimize downtime and maintenance visits.

    Vaisala weather stations also support a set of select third-party sensors and can combine data from multiple sensors to ensure high-quality information and optimal performance.

    Vaisala’s non-invasive sensors enable accurate measurement grip and surface temperature – without the need to stop traffic or cut into the road.

    Certain measurements, such as road salinity and ground temperature, can only be measured through physical contact with the road. Vaisala’s embedded sensors enable those measurements and complement the information provided by the non-invasive sensors.

    Atmospheric sensors, built specifically for road applications, measure relative humidity, air temperature and dew point. Other sensors measure precipitation type, intensity as well as visibility, and wind speed with ultrasonic technology. With this wide range of proven technologies, your stations can be tailored to meet your climate and terrain
  • Vaisala Road DSS
    Vaisala’s RoadDSS software suite provides you with an effective solution for the storage and display of historic and current road weather data, ensuring you have access to your information anytime, anywhere, from any device....

  • Highlights:

    • No need to maintain a local IT infrastructure for road weather data
    • Access to road weather data – no VPN connection required
    • Store, maintain and retrieve weather data, treatment plans and other crucial data – from one centralized place
    • Get relevant information about treatment decisions quickly to counter traffic accident claims
    • Set tiered user levels to meet the needs of any organization

    RoadDSS offers pavement temperature and road weather forecasts so you can view predicted and historical information in a single view. You can better plan for approaching weather events and freezing temperatures while monitoring and targeting historic trouble areas to minimize risks. RoadDSS also suggests treatment and maintenance strategies, giving you virtual expertise during critical moments.

    RoadDSS also tracks crew performance relative to conditions by comparing crews to a storm severity index and using grip and friction readings from Vaisala sensors.

  • Vaisala RoadAI
    Vaisala's computer vision-powered data collection platform, RoadAI, leverages wireless connectivity and cloud technology to make safe, continuous data generation possible for entire road teams or fleets of vehicles through real-time visual information....

  • With RoadAI, changing information (e.g. blowing snow, vehicle location) is easily captured using onboard cameras and mobile sensors. Data is automatically geo-referenced and mapped, empowering everyone from highway engineers to policy-makers to make better, more informed decisions.

    Perform timely and targeted repairs by automatically identifying and assessing issues and assets on your road network. The system’s AI-powered collection and analysis of road conditions lets you act based on real-time pavement condition data — and at lower costs — than traditional methods.

    RoadAI simplifies the task of sign management.  It detects, maps and classifies each road sign and provides tools to mark condition and use data in simple format.

    RoadAI captures visual data from your fleet or an independent connected vehicle, so drivers can manually flag issues and share and receive notifications about network-related events or changes along their routes.

  • Vaisala Route Manager
    Route Manager helps you ensure your network is treated in the most efficient way possible. Its web-based route optimization service significantly reduces the time and effort to create treatment routes, based on priorities and available resources....

  • Vaisala Route Manager Highlights:

    • Import details of your network together with available resources - such as depot locations and vehicle capacity - to produce fully optimized routes with turn-by-turn instructions
    • Create sets of routes that are each based on different amounts of treatment material being used and different treatment actions
    • Redesign your route network, ensure parts are prioritized and target them first
    • Assign ranking/priority values to all parts of your network, which the software takes into account when creating new routes (for example designing “cold routes”)
    • Change the resources available to you in terms of fleets and depots and then quickly run different scenarios from the web user interface
    • Update treatment routes - feed in new route networks so you can quickly undertake optimization through the web user interface
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