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Oxford Nanopore Technologies has developed the world's first nanopore DNA and RNA sequencing devices, which are scalable to your requirements. The MinION is a portable, real-time, long-read, low-cost device designed to bring easy biological analyses to anyone, anywhere, including resource-limited settings or remote environments. The GridION and PromethION devices serve users with larger projects or more samples. Delivering terabases of data, the PromethION brings the benefits of long-read nanopore sequencing to large-scale population studies.

With nanopore sequencing devices, fully characterise human genetic variation by sequencing whole genomes, targeted regions or full-length RNA transcripts, from single cells to tissues. Long sequencing reads enable resolution of challenging genomic regions and the delivery of more complete human genome assemblies. Using nanopore sequencing, read lengths in excess of 2 Mb have been generated. Alternatively, perform targeted sequencing of specific genes or regions of interest, with your choice of enrichment strategy – PCR, hybrid-capture, or CRISPR/Cas9. Uncover hidden variation by sequencing entire genes, including exons, introns and promoters, in single reads. Accurately resolve structural variants and precisely delineate breakpoint junctions. Study isoforms, splice variants and fusion transcripts from full-length RNA reads and identify epigenetic modifications alongside nucleotide sequence with direct DNA and RNA sequencing. Experience streamlined, rapid end-to-end solutions with library preparation in as little as 10 minutes, and faster access to results with real-time analysis.

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  • PromethION
    Capable of delivering sub-$1,000 human genomes, the PromethION is a benchtop instrument designed for high sample throughput and high output....

  • PromethION provides real-time, on-demand nanopore sequencing; users may choose to run as many or as few of the 24 (P24) or 48 (P48) flow cells as required, at any time.  With each flow cell capable of producing >200 Gb of data, the PromethION outputs terabases of sequence data, bringing the benefits of long-read nanopore sequencing to large-scale population studies. With flow cell pricing from $625, researchers can cost-effectively sequence 10s to 1,000s of samples.

    Long-read DNA sequencing with the PromethION enables users to accurately assemble whole human genomes, comprehensively analyse structural variation, resolve challenging repetitive regions, and perform haplotype phasing. With full-length RNA transcripts, extensively characterise the transcriptome. Due to the unique ability of Nanopore technology to directly sequence native DNA and RNA, base modifications can be detected alongside nucleotide sequence, enabling in-depth interrogation of your sequencing data.

  • GridION
    The GridION is a compact benchtop sequencer offering real-time, long-read nanopore sequencing, with a modular structure enabling five experiments to be run concurrently or individually....

  • The GridION is ideal for labs with multiple projects: the instrument provides the advantages of long-read nanopore sequencing with the added flexibility to run up to five MinION or Flongle Flow Cells simultaneously or individually. The GridION also allows users to offer nanopore sequencing as a service.

    With an output of up to 150 Gb (from five MinION Flow Cells), the GridION is well suited to human whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing. Nanopore long DNA sequencing reads enable users to accurately assemble genomes, fully characterise structural variants, resolve challenging repetitive regions, and perform haplotype phasing. Nanopore full-length RNA sequencing allows unambiguous identification of splice variants and gene fusions, as well as accurate transcript quantification. With the unique ability of Nanopore technology to directly sequence native DNA and RNA, base modifications can be detected alongside nucleotide sequence, enabling in-depth interrogation of your sequencing data.

  • MinION
    Oxford Nanopore’s MinION is the world’s first portable, real-time DNA and RNA sequencing device....

  • With a MinION Flow Cell producing up to 30 Gb of DNA sequence data, sequencing with the MinION is ideally suited to the analysis of single human genomes and targeted sequencing applications. As with all Oxford Nanopore sequencing devices, real-time data streaming provides immediate access to your data for instant interpretation and further downstream analysis.

    Long sequencing reads obtained from the MinION simplify genome assembly, enhance the resolution of challenging repetitive sequences, and capture structural variants and entire transcripts in full-length reads. With the unique ability of Nanopore technology to directly sequence native DNA and RNA, base modifications can be detected alongside nucleotide sequence, enabling in-depth interrogation of your sequencing data. For targeted sequencing, users have flexibility regarding enrichment strategy – PCR, hybrid-capture, and CRISPR-Cas9 methods are all compatible with nanopore sequencing.

  • Flongle
    Flongle is an adapter (flow cell dongle) for MinION or GridION, enabling direct, real-time DNA or RNA sequencing on smaller, single-use flow cells. Flongle is designed to be the quickest, most accessible and cost-efficient sequencing system....

  • With an output of up to 1.8 Gb of sequencing data, Flongle is ideal for the analysis of smaller samples, such as amplicons and targeted regions, as well as for rapid quality checking of a sample prior to sequencing on higher output devices, such as the MinION, GridION, or PromethION. Flongle uses the same core Nanopore technology as these other platforms, offering direct DNA or RNA analysis, simple library preparation, real-time data streaming, and long and ultra-long sequencing reads.

  • RNA/cDNA sequencing
    Long-read nanopore RNA sequencing enables the accurate quantification and full-length characterisation of native RNA or cDNA....

  • The full-length reads delivered by nanopore sequencing enable the unambiguous characterisation and quantification of transcript isoforms, providing a true reflection of gene expression and comprehensive analysis of the human transcriptome.

    Oxford Nanopore is the only sequencing technology offering direct sequencing of native RNA, allowing the simultaneous detection of base modifications alongside nucleotide sequence. With direct cDNA or RNA sequencing, PCR bias is also eliminated.

    Scale to your requirements: all three methods of RNA sequencing (direct RNA, direct cDNA, and PCR-cDNA) are compatible across the Oxford Nanopore sequencing platforms, from the smaller-scale Flongle and MinION with outputs of 1.8 Gb and 10-30 Gb, respectively, to the higher output GridION and PromethION producing up to 150 Gb and 9.6 Tb (P48), respectively. With PCR-cDNA sequencing, obtain 7–12+ million full-length reads per MinION/GridION Flow Cell, and 21-36+ million reads per PromethION Flow Cell.

  • Structural variation
    Fully interrogate human structural variation with long-read sequencing from Oxford Nanopore Technologies....

  • Structural variants (SVs) account for ~10x more variant bases than SNPs in the human genome and play a significant role in phenotypic variation and disease. It has been suggested that short-read sequencing misses ~40-80% of SVs.

    Nanopore long sequencing reads are able to span most SVs as well as challenging repeat regions, simplifying their identification and resolution. With long and ultra-long reads, up to 100s of kb in length, accurately resolve SVs and precisely delineate breakpoint junctions – through either genome-wide or targeted approaches.

    Oxford Nanopore offers the complete solution for SV detection – from sample preparation through to analysis. Experience streamlined, easy-to-follow library prep, and perform your analysis with our dedicated SV analysis tools. In addition, achieve rapid access to your results with real-time sequencing and analysis.

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