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GENECAST is a genetic testing start-up company using liquid biopsy.

We are specialized in diagnosing cancer with original Allele Discriminating Priming System (ADPS) that boosts an unprecedented sensitivity of 0.0001%. ADPS will possibly higher the accuracy of early diagnostics, precision medicine, and monitoring. Our mission is to make cancer commonly curable diseases by facing cancer. 

This June, GENECAST launched BRAF, EGFR, JAK2 mutation kits Mutation kit for research use only.

Especially ADPSTM The BRAF mutation test kit has 0.0001% detection sensitivity that is 100 times higher than any other products, as well as EGFR and JAK2 mutation kits have high detection sensitivity of 0.01%. 

ADPSTM in the process of approving FDA PMA Class3 and aims to get approvals by 2021. Besides diagnostic technology, researchers are continuously developing new diagnostic technologies to fulfill the mission.


  • ADPS Oncology Mutation Kit RUO (BRAF, EGRF, JAK2)
    Detects cancer mutations with up to 0.0001%~0.01% detection sensitivity using qPCR....

  • -Detects somatic mutations with up to 0.0001%~0.01 detection sensitivity. 
    ( 3 mutant copies in 30,000 wild-type copies)
    -Applicable to liquid biopsy or tissue biopsy. 
    -Open for all machines (with FAM/CY5 Channels)
    -Only for Research Use OnlyRUO), not for In-Vitro DiagnosticsIVD)  

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