Cerno Bioscience

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Cerno MassWorks™, the award-winning mass spectrometry calibration and analysis software, not only enables formula determination at unit mass resolution (single or triple quad) with 100x improvement in mass accuracy (CLIPS), a capability typically reserved only for HiRes MS systems, but also improves formula ID at HiRes by 20x through the Spectral Accuracy concept (sCLIPS). Advanced analysis methods include quantitative analysis of hard-to-separate mixtures, e.g., deamidated peptides or proteins, hydrogen-deuterium exchange experiments. New MassWorks Rx GC/ID™ enables automated analysis of complete GC/MS runs including deconvolution of co-eluting peaks to extract pure spectra, NIST search complimented with accurate mass formula ID, and retention index analysis all combined to provide a new level of confidence. The MassWorks Rx platform is easily extended to other automated workflows for LC/MS including degradation of biologics and impurity analysis for both large and small molecules.