EL-MUL Technologies

Nes Ziona, 
  • Booth: 512

El-Mul Technologies is an innovative and experienced solution provider and OEM manufacturer of in-vacuum charged particle detection systems and devices. With over 25 years of experience, El-Mul is recognized for its ground-breaking products, world-class quality standards and dedicated service. El-Mul's products are specially designed for advanced analytical systems in the areas of mass spectrometry, focused ion beam tools, SEM/TEM systems, inspection and metrology semiconductor e-beam tools, and other vacuum systems. In the field of mass spectrometry, El-Mul is recognized for its MTOF(TM) platform - a detection system for time of flight systems that provides excellent time resolution together with stable gain, wide dynamic range and long life. Other detection platforms for time of flight, ion trap, quadrapole or hybrid systems are available. El-Mul will fulfil your specific requirements, from conceptual design to serial manufacturing and provide a unique edge to your instrument.