e-MSion, Inc.

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The ExD cell from e-MSion (ee-mish-un) Inc. provides a cost-effective solution to electron-based fragmentation, specifically, electron capture dissociation (ECD), for a variety of mass spectrometry platforms. This technology enables innovative top-down, middle-down, and native workflows for comprehensive characterization of protein sequence, posttranslational modifications, and higher order structure. Recent studies using the ExD cell have highlighted the capability to achieve high sequence coverage for LC-MS/MS of antibody subunits, cleave disulfide bonds, determine antibody chain pairing and chain specific drug conjugate ratios, and correlate ECD fragmentation to changes in protein structure for native mass spectrometry. The ExD cell also has the capability to produce structure informative fragmentation in singly charged biomolecules, such as lipids and glycans. This is accomplished through a simple change in the ExD cell parameters to enable electron-induced dissociation (EID).