GenNext Technologies

Montara,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 424

GenNext has pioneered a superior, compact, cost-effective, and safe means of performing HRPF analysis by replacing expensive, complicated, and hazardous lasers with our proprietary Flash Oxidation (FOX™) System in a convenient benchtop format. To address reproducibility challenges, GenNext has developed the FOX Radical Dosimeter — the world’s first OH radical measurement system that automatically controls the generation of effective OH radicals in the face of unpredictable and varying background scavenging. The FOX Dosimeter provides real-time measurement of OH radical concentration, making it simple to detect problems with biopharmaceutical solutions or assay conditions before mass spectrometric analysis is performed, vastly improving HRPF ease of use while simultaneously insuring labeling confidence and fidelity. To eradicate HRPF bioinformatics and data processing bottlenecks, we introduces FoxWare™ Data Processing, unique software specifically to automate HRPF data processing.