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Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS) is featuring two flagship products IMCSzyme and IMCStips. IMCStips delivers automated SPE based on patented dispersive pipette extraction technology for omics-driven research in precision medicine, suitable for automated micro-purification processes. IMCS provides script templates for immediate application that can be adapted to unique workflows. IMCS is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Made in the USA, IMCSzyme is a genetically modified b-glucuronidase used to hydrolyze glucuronides in biological fluids for detecting a wide range of drugs. After rapid hydrolysis with IMCSzyme, samples can be analyzed by immunoassay, mass spectrometry, and high-performance liquid chromatography. IMCSzyme hydrolyzes multiple drug classes with high efficiency as compared to other available enzymes. Fast, Clean, and Accurate.