Ionsense Inc.

  • Booth: 601, Corporate Posters

IonSense® gives you the Power to Do More Science™. DART® (Direct Analysis in Real Time) technology generates high quality mass spectra in seconds enabling faster decision making and increased productivity. Our new Pulsed Gas capability enables collection of higher quality, background free mass spectra while reducing gas consumption by 95%. Our DART-HTE (High-Throughput Experimentation) Platform supports unattended sample analysis of 96- and 384-well plate samples and our Analyzer PRO XD software allows visualization of results in minutes. Information on use of the HTE Platform for targeted screening of contaminants and adulterants in food, drug and chemical products as well as supplements is available. Additionally, we will highlight the utility of our thermal desorber module which permits vaporization and ionization of samples normally acquired using SWAB-to-detect detectors. DART® ambient ionization source integrates directly with the mass spectrometers from all major vendors.