LECO Corporation

United States
  • Booth: 600, Corporate Posters

LECO's technologies for mass spectrometry resolve complex samples and pioneer high-sample throughput using comprehensive GC, GCxGC, time-of-flight, and high-resolution time-of-flight systems. High Resolution TOFMS systems offer an unprecedented combination of speed, resolution, and mass accuracy to truly identify everything in a sample. A unique combination of easy-to-use software and advanced instrumentation provide an innovative solution for today's most demanding applications, including food safety, flavor/fragrance, petroleum, environmental, and metabolomics. Our most sensitive mass spectrometer, the Pegasus BT, gives users all the data they could ever need from a single sample run, and our comprehensive GC technologies make routine analysis easier and more reliable. Visit www.leco.com for more information about our mass spectrometers and how they can help you solve problems in your lab