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MSTM is advancing cost effective ionization technologies for mass spectrometry by providing both manual and automated platforms which are readily switched with commercial ESI/APCI sources of Thermo and Waters mass spectrometers. Our latest development supported by an NSF SBIR Phase I award is a highly sensitive and robust multi-ionization source capable of vacuum MALDI and vacuum MAI seconds apart and as fast as 1 sec/sample. Come see our unique solution of sample introduction to vacuum is as little as 2 sec. This source development is both exceptionally innovative and practical! We also have platforms provide ESI, nESI, MAI, SAI, and voltage SAI for exceptional simplicity, and sensitivity. Switching between ionization methods requires only seconds. The automated platform is supported by NSF STTR phase I and II grants as well as a TECP extension to demonstrate the potential of our novel ionization technologies to advance science. See what you are missing!