Phoenix S&T, Inc.

  • Booth: 506

Phoenix S&T develops and sells performance-enhancing devices for proteomics and biomarker R&D. 1) Column heaters: A new miniature heater for the Pharmafluidics trap column is introduced. Our column heaters are dramatically improve scheduled MRM, lower back pressure, substantially reduce carry-over, and improve resolution, and are programmable for rinsing and analysis. They heat columns of different design, trap, filter, transfer lines, etc. 2) Emitters: we supply laser-puller fused silica emitters for nano- and microspray. The plastic nozzle emitter is at its final stage of development. 3) Sources: The Nimbus automated dual-column sources double the productivity of nanoLC-MS with minimal financial and personnel investments, enable semi-automated method development such as static nanospray, keep the column, emitter and the MS inlet clean with no software to learn, and switch columns and high voltage on/off simultaneously. NanoFlex or Sciex Nanospray sources can be upgraded.