Plasmion GmbH

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The German start-up company Plasmion has developed and patented a novel ion source technology for MS. The SICRIT® (Soft Ionization by Chemical Reaction In Transfer) technology is not only revolutionizing the laboratory market by simplifying chemical analytics, but will also transfer the high-end performance of an analytical laboratory to the industrial environment by enabling an automated measuring system. SICRIT® decouples sample preparation from sample measurement, enabling highly sensitive real-time measurements with very low consumption costs. This enables to analyse samples in solid, liquid or gaseous state without sample preparation for the smallest traces of impurities. At the same time, the ion source can be used as an interface for a flexible combination of devices for sample preparation/separation like GC or LC with a mass spectrometer. Moreover, due to the plug&play design, it can be installed to almost all existing LC-MS instruments.