A.M.I. Agency for Medical Innovations GmbH

Feldkirch,  Vorarlberg 
  • Booth: 422

A.M.I. is dedicated to designing ingenious surgical instruments, as well as developing innovative solutions for treating a variety of common afflictions including haemorrhoids, obesity and incontinence. In addition to the adjustable TVA/TOA Slings for female stress urinary incontinence and ATOMS System for male stress urinary incontinence, we also offer a advanced pelvic floor repair system comprising a range of slings and meshes to cover a variety of pelvic floor disorders.

Brands: ATOMS Adjustable system for male urinary incontinence.The system is suitable for all degrees of urinary incontinence.Details:Long-term,adjustable implant,Hydraulic system,4-point fixation,Scrotal Port